How to Fix / Solve The Game is Not Ready to Load This Save Please Wait on Atomic Heart

How to Fix “The Game is Not Ready to Load This Save” Error in Atomic Heart

How to Fix 'The Game is Not Ready to Load This Save' Error in Atomic Heart

News: Are you encountering the persistent error message, “The Game is Not Ready to Load This Save. Please wait,” when attempting to play the popular game Atomic Heart? You’re not alone. Many players worldwide are experiencing difficulties with Atomic Heart failing to load. While this error primarily affects Xbox systems, it also occurs, albeit less frequently, on the PC platform.

About Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart, developed by Mudfish and published by Focus Entertainment and 4Divinity, is a first-person shooter RPG. Released on February 21, 2023, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 1, and Xbox Series X/S, it is a highly anticipated addition to the gaming industry. However, since it’s still in the developmental phase, it is prone to numerous issues and errors within its system.

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Causes of the Error

When you encounter the message “The Game is Not Ready to Load This Save. Please wait” while attempting to play Atomic Heart, it usually indicates that you haven’t fully downloaded the game’s update on your system. Interruptions during the download process, such as accidentally stopping the download or closing the system prematurely, can lead to incomplete downloads. Additionally, Atomic Heart frequently updates its game files as part of its ongoing development. If you’ve missed one of these updates, it could be the cause of the issue. Fortunately, resolving this error is relatively simple.

Fixing the Error

To address the “The Game is Not Ready to Load This Save. Please wait” error on Atomic Heart, follow the steps and solutions outlined below:

1. Update Atomic Heart:

Begin by checking for any updates for Atomic Heart. Since the game is still in the development stage, regular updates are crucial for optimal performance.

2. Close and Restart the System:

If you don’t find any updates for Atomic Heart on your Xbox or PC game launcher, close the game and your system. Restart the system and check for any available updates for Atomic Heart. Download these updates and launch the game again, which should now run smoothly on your system.

3. Uninstall and Reinstall Atomic Heart:

As an alternative solution, you can try uninstalling Atomic Heart from your system and then reinstalling it. Upon reinstalling, the game will automatically download any necessary updates. Wait until all the updates are installed, and then attempt to open Atomic Heart again. This should resolve the “The Game is Not Ready to Load This Save. Please wait” error.

4. Contact Atomic Heart Support Team:

If you’ve exhausted all the above solutions and continue to encounter the error message without finding any updates for Atomic Heart, it’s advisable to contact the Atomic Heart Support Team. They possess the expertise to assist in resolving the issue you’re facing while trying to play Atomic Heart.

While playing Atomic Heart, encountering the error message “The Game is Not Ready to Load This Save. Please wait” can be frustrating. However, by ensuring that you’ve downloaded all the necessary updates, restarting your system, or even reinstalling the game, you can overcome this issue. Remember, if these solutions don’t resolve the problem, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Atomic Heart Support Team for further assistance. Enjoy your gaming experience without any obstacles!


Q: Why does Atomic Heart show the error message “The Game is Not Ready to Load This Save. Please wait”?

A: This error message usually appears when the game hasn’t finished downloading its updates or if you’ve missed an update.

Q: How can I fix the error in Atomic Heart?

A: Update Atomic Heart, close and restart your system, uninstall and reinstall the game, or contact the Atomic Heart Support Team for assistance.

Q: Can I play Atomic Heart on Xbox and PC?

A: Yes, Atomic Heart is available on Xbox and PC platforms. However, the error message may occur more frequently on Xbox systems.

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