How to Fix / Solve Steam Not Showing Prices

How to Resolve the Issue of Steam Not Showing Prices

How to Resolve the Issue of Steam Not Showing Prices

News: Steam is a widely used platform for purchasing and downloading video games. However, users may sometimes encounter problems with the platform, such as games not displaying their prices. This can be frustrating, as it prevents users from making purchases. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this issue and provide solutions to help resolve it.

Understanding Why Steam is Not Showing Prices

If you find that prices for games are not being displayed on Steam, it is likely that the platform is undergoing maintenance. During this time, you may not be able to see the “Buy” or “Add to Cart” buttons. It is important to note that this is not a problem with your Steam account and everything should return to normal once the maintenance is complete.

However, during server maintenance, other issues may arise on Steam. These can include the shopping cart disappearing, price fluctuations, or games being removed from your wishlist. To stay informed about any outages and updates, you can refer to the Steam Server Status page. If the servers are down, there is no immediate solution other than waiting until they are back up and running.

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Ways to Fix Steam Not Showing Prices

If you encounter the problem of prices not appearing on the Steam store, there are a few steps you can take to try and resolve the issue.

1. Refresh the Steam Store Page

The first and simplest solution is to refresh the Steam store page. This can help eliminate any temporary glitches or malfunctions that might be causing the prices to not display. You can do this by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard or clicking the refresh button in your browser.

2. Check the Steam Server Status

During maintenance or server downtime, it is common for prices to be inaccessible or for the “Buy” or “Add to Cart” button to be deactivated. Other issues, such as games or wishlist items disappearing or unexpected price changes, may also occur due to server modifications or malfunctions. It is advisable to check the Steam Server Status to determine if there are any ongoing outages or maintenance that could be causing the problem. You can check the status by visiting the Steam Server Status page.

3. Log Out of Steam and Log Back In

Another solution to the problem of prices not appearing is to log out of your Steam account and then log back in. This can refresh your session and potentially resolve any temporary malfunctions that might be causing the issue.

4. Reinstall the Steam Client

If the above solutions do not work, you can try reinstalling the Steam client. This involves uninstalling and then reinstalling the Steam software, which can help resolve the problem by removing any corrupt or missing files that may be causing the issue.

5. Purchase from the Official Steam Website

If you are experiencing issues with the Steam client not displaying game prices, one workaround is to purchase games directly from the official Steam website. This may be effective if the problem is specific to the client and does not affect the website. To purchase a game from the Steam website, simply go to the game’s page and click on the “Add to Cart” or “Buy” button. You will then be prompted to sign in to your Steam account and complete the purchase. However, please note that this solution may not work if the issue is related to server downtime or other technical problems with the Steam platform.

6. Contact Steam Support

If you have tried all of the above solutions and are still experiencing issues with prices not showing up on the Steam store, it is recommended to contact Steam support. They can provide personalized assistance and offer specific solutions based on your individual situation. You can reach Steam support through their official website.

In conclusion, encountering the problem of Steam not showing prices can be frustrating for users who are eager to make game purchases. However, by following the steps outlined in this article, you can try to resolve the issue and get back to enjoying your gaming experience on Steam. Remember to stay patient and reach out to Steam support if needed for further assistance.


Q: Why are prices not showing on Steam?

A: Prices may not be displayed on Steam due to server maintenance or other technical issues. It is recommended to check the Steam Server Status page for updates and wait for the maintenance to be completed.

Q: What should I do if refreshing the Steam store page doesn’t fix the issue?

A: If refreshing the page doesn’t work, you can try logging out of your Steam account and then logging back in. This can help refresh your session and resolve temporary malfunctions.

Q: Can I purchase games from the Steam website if the client is not displaying prices?

A: Yes, you can purchase games directly from the official Steam website if the client is experiencing issues. Simply go to the game’s page on the website and click on the “Add to Cart” or “Buy” button.

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