How to Fix / Solve Starfield Power From Beyond Bug

Is the Power From Beyond Quest in Starfield Bugged?

Is the Power From Beyond Quest in Starfield Bugged?

What Causes the Starfield Power From Beyond Bug?

News: In order to successfully progress through the main quest, it’s crucial to locate the anomalous sites that Vladimir points out. This mission culminates when you acquire the power indicated by his markings and proceed with the ensuing narrative. Regrettably, a significant number of players have encountered an obstacle in completing this final quest, suspecting it to be a bug. As of now, Bethesda Game Studios, the developer behind Power From Beyond, has not issued any official statements addressing the root cause of the bug or outlining plans for its resolution.

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How to Fix the Starfield Power From Beyond Bug?

Gamers exploring the vast universe of Starfield have run into a vexing issue dubbed the “Power From Beyond bug.” This bug wreaks havoc on the game’s central mission, which involves scouring remote planets for valuable artifacts through the investigation of anomalies. Regrettably, this glitch erases the main quest from the mission log, effectively preventing players from obtaining the ultimate power and advancing the questline.

As of now, no official remedy has been provided for this bug. Nevertheless, it is advisable to promptly report the bug using official support channels and keep an eye out for forthcoming game updates. Additionally, there are a few potential solutions suggested by fellow players that might prove helpful. You might want to consider giving the following a try:

1. Plot a Course to the Planet

– Open the game and access the Starmap.

– Press the Missions button on the Starmap.

– Select “Chart Course.”

– Head to the planet without landing.

– Choose a landing site that you didn’t create.

– You should now be able to reach the Temple.

2. Complete Constellation Quests

– Continue working on the constellation quests and finish them.

– After talking with the star born on their ship, return to the lodge.

– All the quests in Power From Beyond should now become available, allowing you to progress.

3. Rush into New Game Plus (NG+)

– Start a New Game Plus (NG+).

– Quickly progress through the beginning and skip to the main quest.

– Visit Vladimir to obtain temple locations.

– The second temple may help unlock the last missing ability.

To sum up, dealing with the Power From Beyond glitch in Starfield can be quite vexing, but there are several potential remedies worth exploring. While an official fix may not be available just yet, reporting the issue and staying informed about game updates can be valuable. Consider setting a course for the planet, finishing constellation quests, or diving into a New Game Plus (NG+) to potentially resolve this problem. Continue your exploration of the expansive Starfield universe and savor your interstellar adventure.

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Q: Why am I unable to complete the Power From Beyond quest in Starfield?

A: The Power From Beyond bug may be causing this issue. It is recommended to try the potential fixes mentioned in the article, such as plotting a course to the planet, completing constellation quests, or rushing into a New Game Plus (NG+).

Q: Should I report the bug to Bethesda Game Studios?

A: Yes, it is advised to report the bug through official support channels. This helps the developers become aware of the issue and work towards finding a solution.

Q: Are there any official announcements about fixing the Power From Beyond bug?

A: Bethesda Game Studios has not made any official announcements regarding the cause of the bug or plans to fix it. It is recommended to stay updated on game releases for any potential updates or patches.

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