How to Fix / Solve Starfield Outpost Modules Not Counting

Struggling with Starfield Outpost modules not counting?

News: Investing your time and energy into constructing and enhancing your Outpost, only to discover that your modules don’t contribute to your Outpost Engineering skill, can be incredibly vexing. Nevertheless, there are various factors behind this problem, along with remedies to assist you in advancing towards more advanced levels of Outpost Engineering.

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Causes of Starfield Outpost Modules Not Counting

1. Bug: One of the primary culprits for modules not registering in your Outpost’s progress is a software glitch within the game. This is particularly common in recently launched games that have yet to receive any patches or updates. It might take some time for the developers to identify and resolve these bugs.

2. Insufficient Skill Points: Another factor that can impede your Outpost modules from contributing to your advancement is the shortage of Skill Points. In the realm of Starfield, the acquisition of skills necessitates the completion of specific tasks associated with those skills a set number of times and the allocation of available Skill Points. If you haven’t allocated an adequate number of Skill Points, your Outpost modules may not be credited toward your progression.

3. Incorrect Configuration: On occasion, your Outpost modules might fail to register due to an incorrect setup. It’s crucial to verify that you’ve arranged your modules accurately in accordance with the game’s guidelines. Take a moment to double-check your setup to confirm that everything is configured correctly.

4. Malfunctioning Modules: In the event that your Outpost modules are damaged or malfunctioning, they might fail to contribute to your progress. It’s of utmost importance to conduct regular checks on the condition of your modules and promptly address any issues with repairs. Ensuring the proper functioning of your modules is crucial for their recognition in your progress.

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5. Resource Shortage: Finally, it’s important to note that a scarcity of resources can also prevent your Outpost modules from counting towards your overall progress. To overcome this issue, make sure you maintain an ample supply of resources to fulfill the necessary tasks, allowing your Outpost modules to contribute effectively to your advancement.

How to Fix Starfield Outpost Modules Not Counting

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the problem and get your Outpost modules counting again:

1. Build Hab Modules specifically: Outpost Modules will only count towards your skill if you build Hab Modules specifically. Be cautious and make sure you’re constructing the correct type of module.

2. Crew Member Reassignment: To address the issue of modules not registering in your outpost’s progress, consider temporarily unassigning any crew members previously assigned to the outpost before constructing the modules. Certain players have found success with this approach, as it appears to facilitate the recognition of module contributions towards your overall progress.

3. Investigate Bugs: Regrettably, specific bugs may be at the root of Outpost Modules failing to register. For instance, some players have faced scenarios like their outpost vanishing from the map or game crashes during module construction. When confronted with such issues, consider adding a Crew station or demolishing and reconstructing your outpost. You can also attempt to rectify the problem by individually repairing each module to see if it resolves the recognition issue.

4. Keep the Game Updated: It’s essential to verify that you have the most recent version of Starfield installed. Game updates frequently incorporate bug fixes and enhancements designed to resolve issues, including problems with modules not counting. Staying current with game updates can significantly assist in addressing this problem.

5. Reach Out to Support: Should none of the aforementioned solutions prove effective, do not hesitate to get in touch with the game’s support team. They are well-equipped to offer further troubleshooting steps or a specific resolution for the problem you’re encountering.

In summary, the frustration of having your Starfield Outpost modules not count can be disheartening. Yet, by diligently adhering to the troubleshooting steps outlined earlier, you can enhance your odds of addressing this problem and maintain your advancement towards elevated levels of Outpost Engineering. Don’t forget to maintain an updated game version and don’t hesitate to contact support for assistance if required. Enjoy your gaming experience!

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