How to Fix / Solve Starfield Operation Starseed Bug

Encountering Bugs in Starfield’s “Operation Starseed”: How to Fix the Issue

News: Starfield’s “Operation Starseed” has captivated gamers with its immersive gameplay and its commitment to delivering an exceptional experience within the expansive Starfield universe. Nevertheless, a subset of players has shared their experiences of encountering bugs during their gameplay, notably those concerning Non-Player Characters (NPCs) suddenly turning hostile. In this article, we will explore the possible reasons behind this bug and offer some potential solutions to rectify the issue.

The Cause of the Starfield Operation Starseed Bug

As of the current moment, Bethesda Game Studios, the creators of Starfield, have not yet released an official update to address the bug. However, as per user reports, it seems that the issue of renegade NPCs turning hostile may be attributed to their concealed status within the game. As per the game’s mechanics, these NPCs should remain non-hostile after Genghis’s demise, but instead, they become hostile. Players are eagerly anticipating an official fix from the developers to enable them to continue their exploration of the captivating storyline in this remarkable game.

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Solutions to Fix the Starfield Operation Starseed Bug

While there is no official solution provided by Bethesda Game Studios, several gamers worldwide have shared some fixes that may help resolve the issue. Here are some potential solutions:

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1. Reboot the Game and Resurrect NPCs

An effective fix to consider involves restarting the game and using the console to resurrect any unnamed renegades or NPCs who may have perished during the conflict. This approach has the potential to resolve the issue of NPCs turning hostile.

2. Utilize the Console Command “Kah”

Upon your return to the settlement and your involvement in truce negotiations with Roosevelt, Amanirenas, and Genghis, it’s possible that the renegades could unexpectedly become hostile. If this situation arises, take swift action by accessing the console and entering the command “kah.” This command will promptly eliminate all hostiles in the vicinity. Although not the most ideal solution, it effectively resolves the problem. The issue arises because one or more renegade NPCs may be concealed, and they should ideally remain non-hostile after Genghis’ demise.

3. Consult with Amanirenas

Before engaging in a conversation with Ada Lovelace regarding the facility encryption, it is highly recommended to first speak with Amanirenas. Amanirenas provides invaluable insights into her vision for the future of The Crucible. Grasping her vision empowers players to make well-informed decisions that ultimately work to the benefit of The Crucible and its residents. Amanirenas’ vision plays a crucial role in nurturing a sense of confidence and unity within the Crucible’s population.

Following your conversation with Amanirenas, it’s advisable to return to your ship, as The Crucible may potentially experience certain bugs. This recommended course of action has proven to be an effective solution for some users.

4. Assign a Companion to the Ship

Instruct your companion to remain by the ship until the final meeting is convened. Afterward, focus on tracking down and eliminating the precise leader you’ve been pursuing in the game. By making certain that only your intended target is taken out and no settlers are accidentally harmed, you can effectively prevent the game from encountering any bugs. It’s worth noting that this approach has proven successful for some players.

To sum up, Starfield’s “Operation Starseed” provides a captivating gameplay adventure within an enthralling universe. Despite the occasional frustrations caused by bugs, like non-player characters suddenly becoming hostile, applying the mentioned fixes can offer a solution. While the gaming community eagerly awaits an official update from Bethesda Game Studios, players can utilize these remedies to ensure they can continue to savor the exceptional storyline and gameplay that Starfield brings to the table.


Q: Are there any official updates addressing the Starfield Operation Starseed bug?

A: No, Bethesda Game Studios has not released an official update for this bug yet.

Q: Why do the renegade NPCs turn hostile in Starfield Operation Starseed?

A: It is believed to be due to their hidden presence within the game and a glitch in their behavior after the death of Genghis.

Q: Can I prevent the NPCs from turning hostile in Starfield Operation Starseed?

A: While there is no guaranteed solution, rebooting the game, resurrecting NPCs, utilizing console commands, consulting with Amanirenas, and assigning a companion to the ship have been reported as potential fixes by some players.

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