How to Fix / Solve Starfield Incoming Weather Bug

How to Resolve Starfield’s Incoming Weather Bug

How to Resolve Starfield's Incoming Weather Bug

News: Are you facing difficulties while enjoying Starfield due to the impending weather bug? Numerous gamers have shared their experiences of encountering a weather-related bug either after defeating the boss in Echoes of the Past or at random when exploring locations with extreme weather conditions. This issue can be quite vexing and may affect your overall gaming experience. We empathize with your frustration and are committed to assisting you in resolving this problem.

What Causes the Incoming Weather Bug in Starfield?

The weather bug, which manifests as a glitch within the Starfield system, presents itself in various scenarios. Some players encounter this issue following the defeat of a boss in Echoes of the Past, while others experience it unexpectedly while actively engaged in the game. This disruptive bug continually notifies players of impending adverse weather conditions or triggers unusual character status changes linked to extreme weather.

The developers of Starfield have yet to issue any official updates to rectify this problem. Nevertheless, there are several potential solutions you can attempt to resolve the incoming weather bug in Starfield. We will delve into these troubleshooting options in the following sections.

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How to Fix the Incoming Weather Bug in Starfield

To resolve the incoming weather bug, you can try using console commands, loading a previously saved file, changing your location, visiting Mars during a storm, progressing with the main quest, or restarting Starfield. Let’s explore these fixes in more detail:

1. Use Console Commands

For PC players, you can fix the incoming weather bug by using console commands. Console players will need to try the other fixes mentioned below. If you are a PC player, follow these steps:

– Press the tilde (~) key on your keyboard to open the console command box.

– Type the following command: player.dispel 281ed2

– Press Enter to execute the command.

– This command will remove the incoming weather status effect. If you want to remove all status effects, use the command player.dispelallspells.

2. Change Location

One approach to resolving the incoming weather bug is to change your location. Try relocating to a different planet or embark on your ship, then return to the planet where the bug initially occurred. Verify if this action rectifies the issue.

3. Progress with the Main Quest

Numerous players have reported that advancing through the main quest has proven effective in mitigating the incoming weather bug in Starfield. If you still have pending main quests, proceed with them and pay no mind to the incoming weather bug. You should notice that the bug resolves itself as you delve deeper into the main quest.

4. Visit Mars During a Storm

An alternative fix to consider involves visiting Mars during a storm. Once you’ve left the planet, examine whether the incoming weather bug has been resolved. This method has proven effective for numerous players, so you might also want to explore other planets with extreme weather conditions to potentially address the issue.

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5. Load a Saved File

You can endeavor to resolve the incoming weather bug by loading a previously saved file from a point before you encountered the bug. Certain players have reported that doing so enabled them to play without experiencing the incoming weather bug. However, please be aware that this approach may entail a loss of progress in the game.

6. Restart Starfield

If none of the previous solutions prove effective, you can attempt to resolve the incoming weather bug by restarting Starfield. Exit the game and allow some time to pass before relaunching it. This method may help in rectifying any glitches or bugs that might be hindering access to specific game content.

7. Contact the Support Team

If you find yourself unable to address the incoming weather bug in Starfield through the previously mentioned fixes, we strongly recommend reaching out to Bethesda’s Support Team for additional assistance. They should be able to provide further guidance and help you resolve the issue.

To sum it up, dealing with the incoming weather bug in Starfield can indeed be vexing, but there is a range of potential remedies at your disposal. You can consider utilizing console commands (for PC players), changing your in-game location, advancing in the main quest, visiting Mars during a storm, loading a previously saved file, restarting the game, or as a final resort, contacting the Support Team for assistance. We trust that one or more of these solutions will enable you to fully relish Starfield without any further interruptions related to the weather bug.


Q: Can console players use the console commands mentioned?

A: No, console players will need to try other fixes mentioned in the article since console commands are specific to PC players.

Q: Will changing my location solve the incoming weather bug permanently?

A: Changing your location may temporarily fix the incoming weather bug, but it is not guaranteed to permanently resolve the issue.

Q: What should I do if none of the fixes mentioned work?

A: If you are still unable to resolve the incoming weather bug, we recommend contacting the Support Team at Bethesda for further assistance.

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