How to Fix / Solve Starfield Echoes Of The Past Bug

How to Fix the Starfield Echoes Of The Past Bug

How to Fix the Starfield Echoes Of The Past Bug

News: Dealing with bugs and errors in a game can be frustrating, especially when it hinders your progress and prevents you from completing missions. Starfield, a highly anticipated game that took eight years to develop, is no exception. Many players have encountered the “Echoes of the Past” bug in Starfield, which has left them stuck and unable to move forward in the game. If you’re one of these players, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this article, we will guide you on how to fix the Starfield Echoes Of The Past bug.

Understanding the Bug

The Starfield Echoes Of The Past bug is a technical issue that affects players during the “Echoes of the Past” quest in the video game Starfield. This particular bug occurs at the final stage of the quest, where the character Delgado provides instructions to secure the shuttle and engage in a boss battle. However, many players have encountered a problem where Delgado either fails to appear, does not spawn at all, or vanishes shortly after making an appearance. This bug effectively prevents players from progressing in the quest, leaving them stuck and unable to complete this critical and exciting mission in the game.

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Possible Fixes

1. Use the Console Command

A potential solution for the Starfield Echoes Of The Past bug involves using the console command. When you’re in the cavern with the shuttle and expected to engage the boss, activate the console command by pressing the tilde key (~). Enter “tcl” and press enter. This action will deactivate collision detection in the game, permitting you to move through walls. Maneuver beneath the ship and phase yourself into it. Ascend until you reach the planet’s surface. Once outside, reactivate collision detection by typing “tcl” in the console command. You can now freely navigate the area, confront the boss, and deal with any remaining adversaries, allowing you to advance the mission.

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2. Reload an Earlier Save

If utilizing the console command proves ineffective, you can consider an alternative approach by reloading a previous save. Reverting to a saved game prior to initiating the mission’s power sequence may aid in resolving the Echoes Of The Past bug. If you possess multiple manual saves, attempting to reload one of them is a worthwhile step. Furthermore, restarting the game itself could potentially resolve the bug. Occasionally, initiating the game anew can eliminate various issues and clear any temporary glitches affecting the quest.

3. Deactivate Active Mods

Another viable solution is to disable any currently active mods. If you have multiple mods enabled, consider deactivating them individually until the game regains stability. This step can help you identify the specific mod responsible for the bug, enabling you to report the issue to the respective Starfield mod authors.

Contacting Customer Support

If none of the previously mentioned solutions prove effective, it’s advisable to await a patch or bug fix from Bethesda, the game’s developer. Developers routinely address known issues and issue updates to enhance gameplay and resolve bugs. Meanwhile, you can also contact Bethesda directly through their support page for further assistance.

To sum up, dealing with the Starfield Echoes Of The Past bug might be exasperating, but there are multiple solutions at your disposal to tackle the problem. You can experiment with different approaches, such as employing console commands, reverting to a prior save, restarting the game, deactivating mods, or reaching out to customer support. In case none of these options prove effective, exercising patience could be your most viable choice while awaiting Bethesda’s bug-fix release. Enjoy your gaming experience!


Q: What is the Starfield Echoes Of The Past bug?

A: The Starfield Echoes Of The Past bug occurs during the “Echoes of the Past” quest, where players get stuck and cannot progress due to a glitch with the character Delgado.

Q: How can I fix the Starfield Echoes Of The Past bug?

A: You can try using the console command, reloading an earlier save, deactivating mods, or contacting customer support for assistance.

Q: Will Bethesda release a fix for the Starfield Echoes Of The Past bug?

A: It is possible that Bethesda will release a patch or fix for the bug in a future update. It is recommended to keep an eye out for updates from the game’s developer.

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