How to Fix / Solve Star Citizen Stuck On Infinite Loading Screen Or Star Citizen Screen

Star Citizen Stuck on Infinite Loading Screen or Star Citizen Screen: Solutions Guide

Star Citizen Stuck on Infinite Loading Screen or Star Citizen Screen

Why Is Star Citizen Stuck on the Infinite Loading Screen or Star Citizen Screen?

News: When players confront an eternal loading screen or the perpetual Star Citizen screen, it signifies that the game is grappling with loading issues or is unable to load. This dilemma can stem from a variety of potential factors, including:

1. Star Citizen server outages resulting from maintenance or technical glitches.

2. A shaky or sluggish internet connection.

3. System glitches or bugs within the game.

4. Game files in the installation directory that have become corrupted.

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How to Fix Star Citizen Stuck on Infinite Loading Screen or Star Citizen Screen

To tackle the persistent loading screen issue in Star Citizen, consider the following remedies:

1. Navigate to the Main Menu: Allow the loading screen to continue until the main menu appears. Engage in an “Arena Commander” game and then return to the Persistent Universe (PU) to facilitate a successful game load.

2. Verify Server Status: Confirm that the Star Citizen server is functioning correctly by checking its status. If there is a server outage or maintenance, you may encounter connection problems and get stuck on the loading screen.

3. Confirm Your Internet Connection: Ensure your internet connection is stable and fast. Slow or unreliable internet can impede Star Citizen’s loading process. Consider switching to a different Wi-Fi network or conducting a speed test to assess your internet speed.

4. Switch to a Different Region: Some players have resolved the infinite loading problem by adjusting their in-game region settings. Try switching to a different server region to see if it alleviates the issue.

5. Restart Star Citizen: If the loading screen persists for more than 30 minutes, attempt to relaunch the game. Close the game using Alt+F4 and then reopen it, keeping an eye out for any recurring loading screen issues.

6. Reconnect Your Peripherals: Disconnect all USB cables linked to your system and then reconnect them. This action has proven effective in resolving loading screen problems for many players. You can also unplug and reconnect your router to establish a fresh connection.

7. Eliminate Your Character: When stuck on a loading screen in the middle of a game, ask friends or teammates to eliminate your character or destroy your ship. This may enable you to restart the game without encountering the loading screen problem.

8. Validate Game Files: To rule out the possibility of corrupted files causing the loading screen problem, verify the game files through the game launcher. This process will detect and replace any corrupted files, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

9. Reset Star Citizen: As a last resort, you can reset Star Citizen, although this will erase all your game data. Before opting for a reset, consider reporting the issue on the Star Citizen Issue Council and waiting for a workaround or solution.

10. Contact Star Citizen Support Team: If none of the above solutions resolve the problem, reach out to the Star Citizen Support Team for professional guidance and additional troubleshooting steps.

Experiencing an infinite loading screen or being stuck on the Star Citizen screen can be exasperating. By following the solutions outlined in this guide, you should be able to resolve the issue and return to playing Star Citizen smoothly. Remember to check the server status, ensure a stable internet connection, and try the recommended workarounds. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact the Star Citizen team for assistance.


Q: Why is Star Citizen stuck on the infinite loading screen?

A: Star Citizen can get stuck on the infinite loading screen due to various reasons such as server outage, internet connectivity issues, glitches or bugs in the game system, or corrupted game files in the installation directory.

Q: How can I fix the infinite loading screen issue in Star Citizen?

A: Some possible solutions to fix the infinite loading screen problem in Star Citizen include going to the main menu, checking the server status, verifying internet connectivity, changing to a different region, relaunching the game, unplugging and replugging everything, killing your character, verifying game files, resetting Star Citizen, or contacting the support team for assistance.

Q: What should I do if none of the solutions work?

A: If none of the suggested solutions resolve the infinite loading screen issue in Star Citizen, it is recommended to reach out to the Star Citizen Support Team. They will be able to provide professional guidance and further troubleshooting steps.

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