How to Fix / Solve Star Citizen Has Stopped Running Unexpectedly

How To Resolve Star Citizen Stopped Unexpectedly

How To Resolve Star Citizen Stopped Unexpectedly

News: Are you having trouble running Star Citizen on your system? Do you keep seeing the error message, “Star Citizen has stopped running unexpectedly. If this problem persists, please verify your installation files”? If so, it can be quite frustrating. Star Citizen is a thrilling game where you can explore space and engage in raids with your friends. However, like any online multiplayer game, Star Citizen may encounter issues and problems. In this article, we will discuss the possible causes of Star Citizen unexpectedly stopping and provide solutions to fix it.

What Causes Star Citizen to Stop Running Unexpectedly?

There are various factors that could lead to Star Citizen not functioning properly on your system and generating the error message, “Star Citizen has ceased running unexpectedly.” These potential causes can range from the absence of the MS Visual C++ Redistributable Package to issues with Star Citizen’s cache files. Here are some common reasons for Star Citizen unexpectedly terminating on your system:

1. Absence of the MS Visual C++ Redistributable Package in your system.
2. Non-deletion of files within the Bin64 directory.
3. Accumulation of excessive data in the Star Citizen cache.
4. Necessity to remove the Easy Anticheat Directory.
5. Neglecting to delete the USER and Shader folders.
6. Insufficient system specifications to support Star Citizen.

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How to Fix Star Citizen Stopped Running Unexpectedly?

Now that we’ve identified the potential causes of Star Citizen unexpectedly stopping on your system, let’s explore the solutions to resolve this issue:

1. **Log Out and Log In to Star Citizen:** Start by logging out of Star Citizen and then logging back in after a brief period. Open Star Citizen and check if the error message still appears. If it persists, proceed to the following solutions.

2. **Install MS Visual C++ Redistributable Package:** Ensure that Star Citizen functions correctly on your system by installing the MS Visual C++ Redistributable package. Download the package, install it on your system, restart your computer, and attempt to open Star Citizen.

3. **Delete Files in Bin64:** Another solution is to remove the files in the Bin64 folder and then try launching Star Citizen. Navigate to Robert Space Industries >> StarCitizen >> LIVE >> Bin64, delete the files within the folder, and then try running Star Citizen.

4. **Clear Star Citizen Cache:** Clearing the Star Citizen cache on your computer can also resolve the issue. Cached files can accumulate junk and corrupted data, leading to problems running Star Citizen. To do this:
a. On your desktop, press Ctrl + R.
b. Type “%localappdata%” and click OK.
c. Go to the StarCitizen folder and open it.
d. Locate and open the “cache” folder.
e. Delete all files inside the “cache” folder.
f. Close the folder and attempt to open Star Citizen.

5. **Delete Easy Anticheat Directory:** Make sure to delete the Easy Anticheat file in the LIVE folder of your RSI Launcher. Navigate to Robert Space Industries >> StarCitizen >> LIVE, select the Easy Anticheat file, and delete it. Try launching Star Citizen to check if the game runs properly.

6. **Check Graphics Card and System Requirements:** Ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements to play Star Citizen. Verify that you have the recommended graphics card installed. If your graphics card or system doesn’t meet the requirements, consider upgrading your system before running Star Citizen.

7. **Delete USER and Shader Folders:** After installing a new patch, delete the USER and Shader folders from your system to play Star Citizen. Follow these steps:
a. Go to the C drive where the program files are installed.
b. Open Robert Space Industries.
c. Access the Star Citizen folder.
d. Click on PTU to open it.
e. Delete the USER folder.
f. Close the window.
g. Type “Appdata” in the Windows search bar.
h. Go to the Local file and click on Star Citizen.
i. Navigate to the Shader folder and delete it.
j. Restart your system.
k. Once your system restarts, open Star Citizen.

8. **Run RSI Launcher as Administrator:** Running the RSI Launcher as an Administrator can help resolve the issue. Type “RSI Launcher” in the Windows search bar, right-click on the icon, and select “Run as Administrator.” Check if Star Citizen runs properly.

9. **Uninstall and Reinstall Star Citizen and RSI Launcher:** If all else fails, you can uninstall Star Citizen and RSI Launcher from your system and then reinstall them after some time. Uninstall them by going to Control Panel >> Programs >> Uninstall a program. Locate Star Citizen, right-click on it, and choose Uninstall. Confirm the uninstallation. Repeat the same steps to uninstall RSI Launcher. After uninstalling both, visit the official website to download and reinstall them.

10. **Contact Star Citizen Support Team:** If you have tried all the solutions and are still unable to run Star Citizen, we recommend reaching out to the Star Citizen Support Team. Submit a support request, and they will provide guidance on resolving this problem.

In conclusion, encountering the error message “Star Citizen has stopped running unexpectedly” can be frustrating, but with these solutions, you can resolve the issue and enjoy playing Star Citizen again.


Q: What should I do if none of the solutions work?

A: If none of the solutions mentioned above work, we recommend reaching out to the Star Citizen Support Team for further assistance.

Q: Can I play Star Citizen on a system that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements?

A: No, Star Citizen requires a system that meets the minimum requirements to run properly. If your system falls short, you may experience issues or be unable to play the game.

Q: Is it necessary to uninstall and reinstall Star Citizen and RSI Launcher?

A: Uninstalling and reinstalling Star Citizen and RSI Launcher can sometimes help resolve issues. However, it is advisable to try other solutions first before resorting to uninstallation and reinstallation.

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