How to Fix / Solve Pokemon Home Code 800 Detail Code 100102

Pokemon Home Error Code 800 Detail Code 100102

Pokemon Home Error Code 800 Detail Code 100102

Causes of Pokemon Home Code 800 Detail Code 100102

News: The Pokemon Home error code 800 may manifest for several reasons. One frequent scenario involves a user being logged into the Nintendo Switch or recently logging out before launching Pokemon Home. Likewise, if the app is running in the background on a mobile device and is then accessed on the Switch, it can result in error code 800 when the user tries to access it again on the mobile device.

Another factor contributing to this error is the attempt to access the same Pokemon Home account on multiple devices simultaneously. The application permits only one device to be logged in at a given time, so attempting to access it on multiple devices concurrently can trigger the error.

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How to Fix Pokemon Home Code 800 Detail Code 100102

To address and resolve error code 800 in Pokemon Home, users can take the following actions:

1. Sign Out from Multiple Devices: Pokemon Home is designed for use on a single device at a time. To avoid synchronization issues and server conflicts, ensure that you log out of the application on all devices except the one you intend to use.

2. Forcefully Close Pokemon Home on Both Devices: Resolving the issue often involves forcefully closing Pokemon Home on both the Nintendo Switch and your mobile device. This action refreshes the connection and resolves potential conflicts causing the error. After closing the app on both devices, restart them.

3. Exercise Patience and Retry: If the error is temporary, such as during server maintenance or network connectivity problems, consider waiting for some time and attempting to connect later. In many cases, the error stems from a brief disruption in the connection.

4. Uninstall and Reinstall the Pokemon Home App: In some instances, uninstalling and reinstalling the Pokemon Home app may rectify error code 800. However, this should be viewed as a last resort, as it could result in data loss and the resetting of your app progress. Before proceeding with this step, make sure to back up your data.

5. Reach Out to Pokemon Home Customer Support: If none of the above solutions prove effective, it is advisable to contact Pokemon Home customer support for assistance. You can get in touch with them through the app or by visiting the official Pokemon Home website. They will offer further guidance and support.

In summary, dealing with the Pokemon Home error code 800 and the accompanying message “A communication error has occurred code 800 detail code 100102” can be frustrating. However, there are practical steps users can follow to address the issue. By implementing the troubleshooting measures outlined above, users can successfully resolve the error and ensure uninterrupted enjoyment of Pokemon Home.


Q: What is Pokemon Home?

A: Pokemon Home is a popular mobile app that allows players to store, manage, and trade their Pokemon across different games.

Q: Why am I encountering the error code 800 in Pokemon Home?

A: The error code 800 can occur due to reasons such as logging in with multiple devices, running the app in the background, or accessing the account on multiple devices simultaneously.

Q: How can I contact Pokemon Home customer support?

A: You can reach out to Pokemon Home customer support through the app or by visiting the official Pokemon Home website for further assistance.

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