How to Fix / Solve Playstation Error Code NP-38551-2

How to Fix PlayStation Error Code NP-38551-2

How to Fix PlayStation Error Code NP-38551-2

Causes of PlayStation Error Code NP-38551-2

News: Are you encountering problems with your PS4? Many users often encounter the “An Error has occurred (NP-38551-2)” message when trying to play games on their PS4. This issue may arise due to server problems or a bug in the PS4 system. Additionally, repeatedly selecting “Activate as Your Primary PS4” in a short time frame can trigger this error. These factors collectively result in the error message showing up whenever you attempt to play your digital games on your PS4.

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How to Resolve PlayStation Error Code NP-38551-2

To effectively address the error code NP-38551-2 on your PS4 system, follow these solutions:

1. Update Your System Software

To ensure your PS4 functions smoothly, it’s important to keep its system software up to date. You can do this by going to the Settings menu and choosing “System Software Update.” Additionally, it’s advisable to power off both your PS4 and your router, wait for a short duration, and then power them on again.

2. Check PlayStation Network Status

To monitor the status of the PlayStation Network, please visit the official website. If the server is currently experiencing downtime, it’s recommended to wait patiently, as the technical team is actively addressing and resolving the issue.

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3. Restart Your PlayStation 4

To potentially resolve errors stemming from a system bug, try restarting your PlayStation 4.

4. Wait for Some Time

If you’ve selected the “Activate as Your Primary PS4” option multiple times, it’s advisable to give your PS4 some time and then attempt to restart it.

5. Contact the PlayStation Support Team

If the error continues to persist despite attempting the above solutions, it’s advisable to contact the PlayStation Support Team for further assistance.

In summary, facing the NP-38551-2 error on your PS4 can indeed be frustrating, but there are effective solutions at your disposal. By adhering to the steps detailed in this guide, which include updating your system software, monitoring the PlayStation Network status, rebooting your PS4, or reaching out to the PlayStation Support Team, you can effectively tackle the error code and get back to enjoying your games on your PS4.


Q: How long should I wait before attempting to restart my PS4?

A: It is recommended to leave your PS4 for a while before attempting to restart it if you have selected “Activate as Your Primary PS4” multiple times.

Q: What if I have tried all the solutions and the error persists?

A: If you have exhausted all the solutions mentioned in the article and are still experiencing the error code NP-38551-2, it is advised to contact the PlayStation Support Team for further assistance.

Q: Can a server issue cause the error code NP-38551-2?

A: Yes, a server issue can be one of the possible causes of encountering the error code NP-38551-2 on your PS4.

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