How to Fix / Solve Phasmophobia Head Mounted Camera Not Working

How to Resolve Issues with Phasmophobia Head Mounted Camera

How to Resolve Issues with Phasmophobia Head Mounted Camera

Possible Causes of Phasmophobia Head Mounted Camera Malfunction

News: Phasmophobia is an exhilarating game that revolves around ghost hunting, with players relying on a Head-Mounted Camera (HMC) to document ghostly evidence. Nevertheless, there are occasions when the camera malfunctions, leading to frustration for players. In this article, we will delve into the underlying causes of the head-mounted camera not working and offer multiple solutions to aid players in resuming their ghost hunting adventures with ease.

1. Low Battery:

A low battery can cause the camera to not function as expected. It’s crucial to make sure that the battery is adequately charged or replace it with a fully charged one to resolve this issue.

2. Physical Damage:

If the camera has suffered damage, it can indeed result in performance issues. Inspect the camera for any visible signs of damage and consider repairing or replacing it if necessary.

3. Technical Problems:

Technical problems originating from within the game can also lead to the malfunction of the head-mounted camera. In such situations, players can attempt troubleshooting methods such as verifying game files or contacting the game’s support team for assistance.

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Effective Solutions to Fix Phasmophobia Head Mounted Camera Issues

If you’re experiencing issues with your head-mounted camera in Phasmophobia, here are some fixes you can attempt:

1. Restart the Game

On occasion, a straightforward game restart can resolve minor glitches. Close the game, wait for a couple of minutes, and then relaunch it to see if the camera begins working correctly.

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2. Check for Game Updates

Keeping your game updated is crucial for optimal performance. Ensure that you have the latest version of Phasmophobia installed. Follow these steps to check for updates on different platforms:

– Steam: Open the Steam client, go to your library, find Phasmophobia, right-click on the game, select “Properties,” click on the “Updates” tab, choose “Automatic updates” from the drop-down menu, and click “Close.”

– Xbox: Press the Xbox button to open the guide, select “My games & apps,” highlight Phasmophobia, press the Menu button, select “Manage game & add-ons,” and click on “Updates.” If updates are available, choose “Update all” to download and install them.

– PS5: On the PS5 home screen, select the game, press the Options button, choose “Check for update,” and any available updates will be downloaded and installed automatically.

3. Check Battery Levels

Make certain that the camera’s battery is sufficiently charged. If the battery is running low, replace it with a fully charged one to ensure the camera functions properly.

4. Repair the Equipment

If the camera is physically damaged, use the repair tool within the game to fix any potential issues. This may help restore the camera’s functionality.

5. Change Locations

If you encounter signal problems, consider relocating to a different area within or outside the building. Signal interference can sometimes be location-specific, so changing your position may help resolve the issue.

6. Wait Until the Hunt Ends

During a ghost hunt, it’s conceivable for the ghost to disrupt the camera’s functionality. In such instances, it’s advisable to remain in the van for safety until the hunt is over. Once the hunt concludes, the camera should return to proper working order.

7. Verify Game Files

If the head mounted camera continues to malfunction, verifying the game files can help identify and fix any corrupted or missing files. Follow these steps to verify game files on Steam:

– Open Steam.

– Go to the Library.

– Select Phasmophobia.

– Right-click and choose Properties.

– Select ‘Local Files’.

– Click ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’.

– Wait for the process to complete.

– Launch the game and check if the issue is resolved.

8. Contact Phasmophobia Support

If none of the previously mentioned solutions prove effective, it is recommended to contact Phasmophobia support for further assistance. You can do this by visiting their website and utilizing their support options, such as reaching out on Twitter or through Discord. They can provide specialized guidance to help resolve any lingering issues you may be facing.

The Phasmophobia Head Mounted Camera offers an immersive ghost hunting experience, but it can sometimes run into technical issues. Troubleshooting these problems is essential to ensure uninterrupted gameplay. By following the suggested solutions presented in this article, players can effectively address these camera-related challenges and resume their thrilling ghost hunting adventures in Phasmophobia.


Q: How can a low battery affect the head mounted camera’s functionality?

A: A low battery can cause the camera to not function properly or at all. It is important to ensure the battery is charged or replaced with a fully charged one.

Q: What should I do if the camera is physically damaged?

A: If the camera has visible signs of damage, consider repairing or replacing it to restore its functionality.

Q: How can I contact Phasmophobia support for assistance?

A: You can visit their website and access their support options such as X (Twitter) or Discord for further assistance.

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