How to Fix / Solve MW3 Can’t Buy Season 2 Battle Pass Issue

Season 2 Battle Pass Issues in MW3

Season 2 Battle Pass in MW3

News: The MW3 Season 2 Battle Pass brings fresh and thrilling content for players, yet certain individuals are experiencing challenges in the purchase process. If you’re one of those encountering difficulties, numerous players have shared their frustrations with acquiring the Battle Pass. This guide aims to delve into the possible causes for the inability to buy the MW3 Season 2 Battle Pass and offer practical solutions to alleviate this issue.

Verify the game files

For Steam users, here’s a step-by-step guide to verify your game files. Begin by right-clicking on Call of Duty MW3 in your library and selecting Properties. Next, proceed to the “DLC” section and uncheck the MWIII Season 2 Battle Pass DLC. Move to the Installed Files tab and initiate the verification of game files. Launch the game, exit, revisit the DLC section, re-enable the checkbox, and perform another verification of game files. This sequence is designed to confirm the integrity of all essential files, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Restart the game and device

Resolve technical issues by restarting both the game and your gaming device. Ensure a stable and robust internet connection to address any potential temporary glitches, facilitating a smoother purchasing process.

Contact Activision support

If the problem persists despite attempting the aforementioned steps, it’s advisable to contact Activision support. Reach out to their customer support team, detailing the issue, and include any pertinent purchase receipts, along with a clear explanation of the situation. Activision’s support team is available to assist and can provide additional guidance or solutions to address the problem effectively.

Be patient

If the issue seems to stem from a server-side problem, a prompt resolution might not be possible from the player’s side. It’s recommended to be patient and await an official acknowledgment and solution from Activision. Stay vigilant for updates and patches through official channels that could potentially address the problem.

In cases where none of the provided steps prove effective, staying informed via official channels is crucial for any forthcoming updates or patches designed to tackle the issue. that technical issues are not uncommon in games, but with the right approach and support, they are typically resolvable.


Q: Why am I unable to purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass in MW3?

A: There may be several reasons for this issue, such as technical glitches or server-side problems. It is recommended to try the troubleshooting steps mentioned above or contact Activision support for assistance.

Q: How can I verify the game files on Steam?

A: Right-click on Call of Duty MW3 in your library, go to Properties, navigate to the “DLC” section, untick the MWIII Season 2 Battle Pass DLC, go to the Installed Files tab, and verify the game files. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned in detail in the earlier section.

Q: What should I do if none of the solutions work?

A: If the issue persists, it is advisable to stay updated through official channels for any updates or patches that may be released to address the problem. Additionally, reaching out to Activision support and providing them with relevant information can help in finding a resolution.

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