How to Fix / Solve Lobby Error Code 60015 in Star Citizen

How to Resolve Lobby Error Code 60015 in Star Citizen

How to Resolve Lobby Error Code 60015 in Star Citizen

Understanding Lobby Error Code 60015 in Star Citizen

News: While Star Citizen has become a beloved multiplayer online game among gamers, a vexing obstacle emerges when players attempt to log in: the “Error Lobby error code 60015, Can’t join session because it’s full” message. This error can be a roadblock, preventing players from entering the game world. In this article, we will delve into the origins of lobby error code 60015 and present a comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions on resolving it.

Causes of Lobby Error Code 60015 in Star Citizen

The occurrence of Lobby Error Code 60015 is typically linked to a surge in traffic on the Star Citizen servers. In such instances, the servers may encounter difficulties accommodating the multitude of players seeking to access the game, ultimately leading to the manifestation of this error.

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How to Fix Lobby Error Code 60015 in Star Citizen

To resolve lobby error code 60015 and successfully join the game, follow these steps:

Step 1: Manually Change the Region

The first step is to manually change the region you are logging into before selecting to enter the universe. Access the options menu and select “Settings.” From there, click on “Network” and choose a different region from the drop-down menu. Click “Apply” to save the changes.

Step 2: Restart the Game

After changing the region, exit the game and restart it. Attempt to log in again and see if the error has been resolved. If the error persists, try selecting a different region and restarting the game once more.

Step 3: Wait for Server Congestion to Subside

If switching regions and restarting the game fail to rectify the error, it’s likely attributable to server congestion. In such situations, it’s advisable to exercise patience and refrain from attempting to log in until the server load eases. Keeping an eye on the official social media accounts of the game for updates regarding server status and congestion can be beneficial.

Encountering the frustrating lobby error code 60015 in Star Citizen can be disheartening, but there are effective measures you can take to address the issue. By manually adjusting your region, performing a game restart, and waiting for the server congestion to alleviate, you can enhance your prospects of successfully accessing the game. Staying informed about server conditions through official communication channels is vital for ensuring a seamless gaming experience.


Q: What is lobby error code 60015 in Star Citizen?

A: Lobby error code 60015 in Star Citizen occurs when players try to join a full session and are unable to enter the game.

Q: How does lobby error code 60015 happen?

A: Lobby error code 60015 happens when the Star Citizen servers are overwhelmed with players, causing congestion and preventing new players from joining.

Q: How long should I wait for server congestion to subside?

A: The duration of server congestion can vary. It is recommended to monitor the game’s official social media accounts for updates on server status and congestion to determine when it is appropriate to attempt logging in again.

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