How to Fix / Solve Ground Pounder Bugs On Starfield

How to Solve Ground Pounder Bugs in Starfield

How to Solve Ground Pounder Bugs in Starfield

Triggers of the “Ground Pounder Bugs” in Starfield

News: In Starfield’s “Groundpounder” side mission, an intriguing gameplay twist emerges. Gamers must respond to a distress call and confront the Spacer menace within the Altair system. Nevertheless, numerous glitches can impede one’s advancement in this mission. Doorways might obstinately remain sealed, keycards elude capture, engaging with Lt. Torres may seem insurmountable, and players may discover themselves ensnared.

Following the triumphant defeat of the Spacers at Altair 1, an enigmatic occurrence unfolds as they inexplicably vanish from orbit, leaving players marooned. Additionally, the mission marker may misdirect players to inaccurate locations or areas bereft of Spacer adversaries. Even subsequent to vanquishing foes within Research Outpost U3-09, securely locked doors steadfastly resist opening, while NPC Lezama remains unresponsive to calls for aid. In the ultimate phase of the quest, players encounter a predicament when attempting to rescue Lt. Torres, as interaction with him may be unattainable, leading to an impasse. Lt. Torres could be immobilized on the ground, rendering the quest infeasible to complete.

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How to Fix the “Ground Pounder Bugs” in Starfield

To address the “Ground Pounder” bug in Starfield, you can attempt various troubleshooting methods, such as:

1. Troubleshooting for Vanishing Spacers

Should the Spacers’ unexplained disappearance impede your progress, navigate to planet Jamisin in the Alpha Cantuari system and initiate docking procedures at New Atlantis. Seek out individuals denoted by blue quest symbols, and by engaging these elusive Spacers in combat, you’ll pave the way for a successful quest completion.

2. Configuring the Quest Marker Correctly

If the quest marker is exhibiting unusual behavior, consider undertaking another Spacer-related mission within the same system. Once you’ve successfully completed it, return to the “Groundpounder” mission. Your quest marker should now function smoothly, guiding you through your galactic adventures without any issues.

3. Using Keycards to Open Doors

To gain access to locked doors throughout the mission, be sure to search for the U3-09 Facility Keycard. You can acquire this keycard from a vigilant soldier situated in proximity to the doctor. Additionally, the U3-09 Security Keycard, which is safeguarded by Sergeant Dasari, will provide you entry to the secure sections of the facility.

4. Addressing Lt. Torres’ Stuck Situation

If Lt. Torres finds themselves stuck, try leaving the area and venturing into space. Alternatively, log out of the game and then log back in. If these methods don’t work, try landing on the surface again or eliminate any stubborn ships that may be hindering Lt. Torres’ progress.

5. Using Console Commands

Press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard to bring up the input window and enter command inputs. Use the ‘setStage 001F3A36 430’ command if you’re stuck on a quest stage. Make sure to create a hard save before using command inputs.

6. Checking the Condition of Game Files

Verify the integrity of your Starfield game files. For Steam users, right-click on Starfield in your Steam library, select Properties, go to the Local Files tab, and choose “Verify integrity of game cache.” Xbox users can access the game icon on their home screen, select “Manage game & add-ons,” access Saved data, choose “Delete all,” and confirm the deletion of all saved data.

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7. Restarting Starfield

If all else fails, try closing the game and relaunching it after a short break. A simple restart can sometimes fix temporary glitches or game bugs.

8. Contacting Starfield Support

If none of the previous fixes work, reach out to the Starfield support team for further assistance. Stay updated on bug-related updates and notifications through their official website or social media channels.

The Ground Pounder bug in Starfield shouldn’t dampen your gaming experience. By following the troubleshooting methods mentioned above, you can overcome these bugs and continue your galactic adventures without hindrance. Remember to stay patient and explore different strategies until you find the one that works best for your situation. Happy gaming!


Q: What should I do if the quest marker leads me to incorrect locations?

A: Embark on another Spacer-related mission within the same system and then return to Groundpounder. The quest marker should guide you correctly.

Q: How can I unlock the locked doors during the mission?

A: Search for the U3-09 Facility Keycard near the doctor. Also, find Sergeant Dasari, who guards the U3-09 Security Keycard. Using these keycards will grant you access to secured areas.

Q: Lt. Torres appears stuck on the floor. What should I do?

A: Try leaving the area and venturing into space. If that doesn’t work, log out of the game and then back in. You can also try landing on the surface again or eliminate any obstructing ships.

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