How to Fix / Solve Fae Farm Shipping Contracts Not Working

How To Fix Fae Farm Shipping Contracts Not Working in 2021

How To Fix Fae Farm Shipping Contracts Not Working in 2021

The Issue with Fae Farm Shipping Contracts

News: The beloved fantasy farming simulation game, Fae Farm, has enamored players with its breathtaking visuals and soothing gameplay. Regrettably, a vexing bug has emerged, obstructing many players from initiating and participating in shipping contracts. Rest assured, the developers are diligently engaged in crafting a solution to rectify this issue.

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How to Resolve the Fae Farm Shipping Contracts Issue

1. Retry the Contract:

Occasionally, straightforward steps like logging out and then logging back in or restarting the game can prove effective in addressing minor bugs. I recommend giving it a try to see if the shipping contracts become accessible after performing these actions. It might just provide a quick and easy solution to the issue.

2. Be Patient and Wait:

Although waiting for a patch may not be the most gratifying solution, it remains the most direct path to resolving the issue. The developers have officially acknowledged their efforts to rectify the problem, and this fix may be introduced at any moment. In the interim, redirect your attention to other facets of the game, including farming, exploration, and quest completion.

3. Engage in Community Conversations:

To keep yourself informed about the most recent developments regarding the shipping contracts issue, it’s advisable to become part of the Fae Farm subreddit and the game’s official Discord server. These platforms not only offer regular updates but also create a space for players to exchange valuable insights, strategies, and solutions to overcome in-game challenges.

4. Report the Bug to the Developers:

To assist the developers in comprehending the extent and consequences of this issue, we strongly encourage you to submit a bug report or express your concerns via their social media platforms. The greater the number of reports they accumulate, the more effectively they can assess and prioritize the resolution of the bug. Your input and feedback are invaluable in facilitating a prompt and effective solution.

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As you navigate the challenges of shipping contracts not functioning correctly in Fae Farm, keep in mind that the development team is actively engaged in finding a solution. In the interim, take the opportunity to delve into other facets of the game, engage with the community for updates and valuable insights, and don’t forget to report the bug to assist the developers in their ongoing efforts. Exercise patience, and before you know it, you’ll once again be fully immersed in the enchanting realm of Fae Farm, relishing every moment.


Q: What is causing the shipping contracts in Fae Farm to not work?

A: The issue is a visual bug that hinders players from initiating the contracts. The developers are aware of this problem and are diligently working to resolve it.

Q: Is there a temporary fix or workaround for the shipping contracts issue?

A: Unfortunately, there is no immediate solution available. Players are advised to retry the contract, be patient and wait for a patch, engage in community conversations for updates, and report the bug to the developers.

Q: How can I report the bug to the developers?

A: You can submit a bug report or voice your concerns through the game’s social media channels. The developers rely on player reports to prioritize and address bugs effectively.

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