How to Fix / Solve Error code 19004 on Star Citizen

How to Resolve Error Code 19004 in Star Citizen

How to Resolve Error Code 19004 in Star Citizen

News: The eagerly awaited space exploration game, Star Citizen, has piqued the interest of gamers around the globe. Nevertheless, similar to any other gaming experience, players might run into issues and glitches that can hinder their enjoyment. A prevalent problem is the “ERROR – CIG services [CODE 19004],” accompanied by a message stating, “Account Login Failed, Please verify your login credentials and try again.” This issue typically arises during the Entitlement phase of the game. In this article, we will investigate the potential origins of Error Code 19004 and present remedies to assist players in overcoming this obstacle and resuming their adventures within the vast Star Citizen universe.

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Causes of Error Code 19004 in Star Citizen

Error Code 19004 typically manifests when the game’s server is under heavy load, struggling to manage a high volume of simultaneous user logins. It may also arise due to minor hiccups within the game application or network-related difficulties. In certain instances, the Star Citizen game client encounters problems in communicating with the server, leading to the appearance of this error.

Several potential causes for Error Code 19004 include:

1. Overloaded or inaccessible Star Citizen game servers.
2. Minor disruptions within the Star Citizen game application.
3. Network issues that disrupt communication between the client and the server.

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How to Fix Error Code 19004 in Star Citizen

If the issue stems from heavy server traffic, it’s common for the error to resolve itself after a few hours when the initial login load subsides. However, if the error persists longer than usual, consider these troubleshooting steps:

1. **Check Star Citizen Server Status:** Start by verifying the current status of the Star Citizen server. Visit a website like If numerous users are reporting the same error, it likely indicates a server issue. In such instances, you’ll need to wait for the server load to decrease or for the Star Citizen team to address the problem.

2. **Logout and Login Again:** Sometimes, prolonged usage with the “keep me logged in” option enabled or an extended period of game application activity can lead to login problems. To address this, log out of the game and close the application. After a brief interval, attempt to log in again. This straightforward step often resolves Error Code 19004 and allows for smoother gameplay.

3. **Relaunch the Star Citizen Game:** Relaunching the Star Citizen game can help resolve any glitches or conflicts arising from recent updates. Close the application, restart the game, and wait for it to fully load. Ensure the stability of your internet connection. This process can clear the error and enable successful login.

4. **Clear Cache and Restart Your Device:** Clearing temporary files and cache associated with Star Citizen can resolve login issues. Empty your recycle bin and delete the “USER folder” in the Star Citizen game directory. Then, perform a complete shutdown of your device, wait a few minutes, and power it on again. This procedure clears any lingering Windows memory cache that might contain incorrect or corrupted data. Finally, launch Star Citizen and try logging in. If the error persists, you may need to verify the game files in Steam.

5. **Verify Star Citizen Game Files in Steam:** Steam offers a feature to verify the integrity of game files and repair any corrupted ones. Follow these steps to verify the game files in Steam:
– Open the Steam client on your PC.
– Select “Library” at the top of the screen.
– Right-click on your Star Citizen game in the list on the right sidebar.
– Click on “Properties.”
– In the properties window, choose “Local files.”
– Click on “Verify Integrity of the game files.”

Steam will commence the file verification process, which could take a few minutes. If it identifies any errors, there’s no need to be concerned. Simply relaunch the game and attempt to log in once more. Occasionally, the error spontaneously resolves if it was due to a server-side issue. However, if you continue encountering Error Code 19004 during the login process even after verifying the game files, you might need to take more drastic measures. This entails uninstalling the game entirely and then reinstalling Star Citizen.

Error Code 19004 can be a source of frustration for Star Citizen players, but there are multiple steps you can take to address this issue. Begin by verifying the server status, and then progress through the troubleshooting steps, which include logging out and logging back in, restarting the game, clearing cache, and verifying game files in Steam. By diligently following these solutions, players can successfully overcome Error Code 19004 and resume their immersive adventures in the Star Citizen universe.


Q: What is the main cause of Error Code 19004 in Star Citizen?

A: Error Code 19004 in Star Citizen is usually caused by an overloaded game server, minor glitches in the game application, or network issues.

Q: How can I fix Error Code 19004 in Star Citizen?

A: You can fix Error Code 19004 by checking the server status, logging out and logging back in, relaunching the game, clearing cache, and verifying game files in Steam.

Q: Do I need to reinstall Star Citizen if Error Code 19004 persists?

A: If Error Code 19004 persists even after verifying game files, you may need to uninstall the game completely and reinstall Star Citizen.

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