How to Fix / Solve Dead Island 2 Skope Server Offline

How to Resolve the “Skope Server Offline” Issue in Dead Island 2

How to Resolve the Skope Server Offline Issue in Dead Island 2

Understanding Skope Devices in Dead Island 2

News:Skope devices in Dead Island 2 function as intelligent speakers that players can encounter and engage with, much like well-known devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Nest. They elevate the game’s immersive quality by offering interactive elements and are scattered throughout the zombie-ridden landscape of Los Angeles, contributing an additional level of engagement for players.

Why the “Skope Server Offline” Message Occurs

The “Skope Server Offline” notification emerges when players endeavor to engage with a Skope device, but the servers underpinning these devices are temporarily out of service. This problem usually crops up during the initial stages of the game, notably when exploring the Bel-Air region. When players encounter a Skope device displaying this error message, it indicates that the device is presently inaccessible and cannot be utilized.

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How to Fix the “Skope Server Offline” Error

To rectify the “Skope Server Offline” issue in Dead Island 2, players should advance in the game until they reach the “The Search For Truth” quest. During this mission, players will have the chance to reset the servers at the Ocean Avenue store, effectively reinstating the functionality of the Skope devices. After this problem has been resolved, players can engage with the Skope devices by pressing the designated button prompt when they are in close proximity to one. It’s crucial to understand that Skope devices solely facilitate this interaction and do not offer any additional in-game advantages. When prompted, characters within the game will merely vocalize the name of the Skope AI.

Encountering the “Skope Server Offline” message in Dead Island 2 can indeed be a source of frustration, limiting access to the engaging features of the Skope devices. Thankfully, players can overcome this issue by advancing through the game and successfully completing the “The Search For Truth” quest, ultimately restoring their ability to interact with the Skope devices. Immerse yourself in the captivating experience of Dead Island 2 as you navigate the perilous, zombie-infested streets of Los Angeles.


Q: What are Skope devices in Dead Island 2?

A: Skope devices are smart speakers that players can discover and interact with while playing Dead Island 2.

Q: Why do Skope devices show the “Skope Server Offline” message?

A: The “Skope Server Offline” message appears when the servers supporting the Skope devices are currently down.

Q: How can I fix the “Skope Server Offline” error in Dead Island 2?

A: To fix the error, players need to progress in the game until they reach the “The Search For Truth” quest and reset the servers at the Ocean Avenue store.

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