How to Fix / Solve Cyberpunk 2077 Encountered An Error Caused By Corrupted Or Missing Scripts File

How to Resolve the “Cyberpunk 2077 Encountered an Error Caused By Corrupted or Missing Scripts File”

How to Resolve the Cyberpunk 2077 Error

News: If you’re a dedicated gamer, you might have faced the frustration of coming across an error while attempting to enjoy Cyberpunk 2077. One frequently encountered error message reads, “Cyberpunk 2077 has encountered a problem caused by a corrupted or absent scripts file and will now be forcibly closed.” This can be a significant obstacle when you’re eagerly anticipating immersing yourself in the game. In this article, we will delve into the causes of this error and offer effective solutions to rectify it.

Cyberpunk 2077, an action role-playing game launched in 2020, has garnered widespread popularity among gamers worldwide. Nevertheless, like any other game, it is susceptible to errors that can disrupt your gaming pleasure. The missing script error is one of these issues faced by players. While the Cyberpunk Team has not provided an official explanation for this error, players have speculated that it may result from absent files in the game system library.

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Possible Causes of the Script Error

Let’s examine some potential causes for encountering the script error while playing Cyberpunk 2077 on your PC:

1. Outdated Graphics Drivers: When your graphics drivers are not up to date with the latest version, it can lead to compatibility problems and trigger errors.

2. Missing Game Data Files: The absence of specific files within your game data can be the root cause of the script error.

3. Outdated Game Version: If you haven’t kept Cyberpunk 2077 updated to the latest version, it can create compatibility issues and error occurrences.

4. Excessive Mod Files: The presence of an excessive number of mod files on your computer can generate conflicts with the game’s scripts, ultimately resulting in errors.

5. Missing Required Files: If critical files such as RED4ext, TweakXL, ArchiveXL, and CyberEngineTweaks are not present on your PC, it can trigger the missing script error.

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Solutions to Fix the Script Error

  1. Update Your Graphics Driver

    Start by ensuring that your graphics driver is up to date. Visit the official website of the graphics card manufacturer and download the latest drivers. Updating the drivers can resolve compatibility issues and potentially fix the script error.

  2. Update Cyberpunk 2077

    Check if there are any updates available for Cyberpunk 2077. Developers often release patches or updates to address technical issues and errors in the game. Install any available updates and see if the script error persists.

  3. Remove Unnecessary Mods

    Uninstall any mods that you may have installed on your PC. These mods can sometimes interfere with the game’s scripts and cause errors. After removing the mods, relaunch Cyberpunk 2077 to see if the script error is resolved.

  4. Install Required Files

    Some players have reported that installing the files RED4ext, TweakXL, ArchiveXL, and CyberEngineTweaks helped them resolve the missing script error. Install these files on your computer and then launch Cyberpunk 2077 to check if the error is resolved.

  5. Verify the Integrity of Game Files

    To rectify this issue, utilize your chosen game launcher (Epic, Steam, or to verify the integrity of the game files. This process scans for any corrupted or missing files and automatically repairs them if needed. The steps for verifying game files may differ based on the launcher you’re using:

    For Epic:
    1. Open your library.
    2. Locate and select Cyberpunk 2077.
    3. Click on the three dots icon.
    4. Choose the option labeled “Verify.”

    For Steam:
    1. Navigate to your Steam library.
    2. Right-click on Cyberpunk 2077.
    3. Select “Properties.”
    4. Go to the “Local Files” tab.
    5. Choose the option to “Verify integrity of game cache.”

    1. Launch GOG Galaxy.
    2. Log into your GOG account.
    3. Locate Cyberpunk 2077.
    4. Go to “Customize.”
    5. Navigate to “Manage Installation.”
    6. Click on “Verify/Repair.”

    Uninstall and Reinstall Cyberpunk 2077

  6. If none of the above solutions work, you can try uninstalling Cyberpunk 2077 from your computer. Access your Control Panel, go to Programs, select Uninstall a program, and choose Cyberpunk 2077. After uninstalling, restart your device and reinstall the game via the respective game launcher. Check if the script error persists after the reinstallation.

  7. Contact Cyberpunk Support Team

    If none of the solutions mentioned above resolve the script error, it is recommended to reach out to the Cyberpunk Support Team for assistance. They can provide further guidance and help you resolve the issue.

In conclusion, encountering an error caused by a corrupted or missing scripts file in Cyberpunk 2077 can be frustrating. However, by following the solutions mentioned above, you can troubleshoot and resolve this issue. Remember to keep your graphics drivers updated, install necessary files, check for game updates, remove unnecessary mods, verify game files, and contact support if needed. With these steps, you can get back to enjoying the immersive world of Cyberpunk 2077 without any script errors.


Q: What can I do if updating my graphics drivers doesn’t fix the script error?

A: If updating your graphics drivers doesn’t fix the script error, you can try removing any unnecessary mods or installing the required files mentioned in the article. If the issue persists, you may need to contact the Cyberpunk support team for further assistance.

Q: How can I verify the integrity of game files?

A: The process for verifying the integrity of game files may vary depending on the game launcher you are using. For Epic, go to your library, select the game, click on the three dots, and choose Verify. For Steam, right-click on the game in your library, select Properties, go to the Local Files tab, and choose Verify integrity of game cache. For, launch GOG Galaxy, log into your account, find the game, go to Customize, navigate to Manage Installation, and click on Verify/Repair.

Q: Can uninstalling and reinstalling the game fix the script error?

A: Uninstalling and reinstalling the game can sometimes help resolve script errors, especially if there are corrupted files or other issues with the game installation. However, make sure to backup your game saves and settings before uninstalling.

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