How to Fix / Solve Chivalry 2 Invite Friends Not Working on PS4 and PS5

How to Resolve Issues with Inviting Friends in Chivalry 2 on PS4 and PS5

How to Resolve Issues with Inviting Friends in Chivalry 2 on PS4 and PS5

Solution 1: Removing and Adding Friends Back

News: An initial troubleshooting step is to remove your friends from your friends’ list on your platform and then re-add them using the Chivalry 2 code system. This action can help reestablish the connection between your accounts and potentially resolve the issue.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open Chivalry 2 on your gaming console.

2. Access the in-game Friends menu.

3. Share your unique Chivalry 2 code with your friends.

4. Request your friends to add you using the code system.

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Solution 2: Joining Standalone Servers

If the invitation system remains troublesome, an alternative approach is to join standalone servers. While you might not be on the same team, this method still enables you to play the game together on the same server.

Here are the steps to connect to a standalone server:

1. Start Chivalry 2 on your console.

2. Go to the Game Modes tab.

3. Search for a Standalone Server that aligns with your preferences.

4. Send invitations to your friends to join the same server.

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Solution 3: Adding Friends on the Game Server

Occasionally, the problem may be related to the Epic Game Launcher. In such situations, you can experiment with adding each other through the game server to see if the invites function correctly.

Follow these steps to address this issue:

1. Verify whether you and your friends are added to the Epic Game Launcher.

2. If not, attempt to add each other through the game server.

3. Start the tutorial, exit, and then attempt to send invites once more.

4. If the issue persists, restart the game and make another attempt.

Solution 4: Joining the Same Game Server

An alternative and straightforward approach is to simply join the same game server as your friend and select the same team. This method allows you to play together without the need for the invite system.

Follow these steps to get on the same game server:

1. Start Chivalry 2 on your console.

2. Locate the game server your friend is currently on.

3. Join that server and pick the same team.

By following the above steps, you should be able to resolve the issue of being unable to invite friends in Chivalry 2 on your PS4 and PS5. However, if you still encounter difficulties with inviting friends, or if the problem persists, it is advisable to wait for a few hours until the issue is resolved by the Chivalry 2 development team.

In conclusion, playing Chivalry 2 with your friends on PS4 and PS5 should be an enjoyable experience. By trying the solutions outlined in this guide, you can overcome the problem of the invite system not functioning and engage in epic medieval battles with your comrades.


Q: Why am I unable to invite my friends in Chivalry 2?

A: If you are facing difficulties in inviting your friends in Chivalry 2 on PS4 and PS5, it could be due to a connection issue or a bug in the game. Try the solutions mentioned in this guide to resolve the problem.

Q: What should I do if the invite system still doesn’t work?

A: If the invite system continues to be non-functional, it is recommended to wait for a few hours until the Chivalry 2 team resolves the bug. In the meantime, you can try joining standalone servers or adding friends on the game server directly.

Q: Can I play with my friends on different teams?

A: Yes, if you are unable to join the same team as your friends, you can still enjoy the game together by joining the same game server. Although you may end up on different teams, you can still play on the same server and have a cooperative gaming session.

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