How to Fix / Solve Atmosphere Error Code 2001-0123

Are you experiencing difficulties running Atmosphere on your Nintendo Switch?

Are you experiencing difficulties running Atmosphere on your Nintendo Switch?

About Nintendo Switch and Atmosphere

News: Nintendo Switch is a popular handheld console known for its extensive library of games in the e-shop and user-friendly interface. Atmosphere is a tool used to modify the Switch, allowing players to play Homebrew games on it.

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Reasons for Atmosphere Error Code 2001-0123

If you encounter Error Code 2001-0123 while booting Atmosphere on your Switch or upgrading it to the latest version, it means that the program file displayed is not compatible with Atmosphere. Additionally, if your Tesla Menu is not updated to the latest edition, Atmosphere may fail to run correctly. Using Gold Leaf instead of Tinfoil can also cause Error Code 2001-0123. However, regardless of the reason, our guide will help you solve this error in your Atmosphere.

How to Fix Atmosphere Error Code 2001-0123

Below, we will discuss several fixes to resolve the issue of Error Code 2001-0123 in Atmosphere when attempting to boot it on your Switch.

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1. Delete the Custom Sysmodule

One possible fix is to delete the custom sysmodule from your Nintendo Switch. If it is incompatible with Atmosphere, it can cause issues. Locate the file under atmosphere/contents/420000000007E51A and delete it. Then, open your Atmosphere.

2. Update Your Tesla Menu and OVL

Ensure that you have updated both your Tesla Menu and the ovl to the latest released versions. Using outdated versions can lead to compatibility issues with Atmosphere. Update both components on your switch, and you should no longer encounter Error Code 2001-0123.

3. Restore emuMMC and SysMMC via TegraExplorer

Another potential fix is to restore emuMMC and sysMMC using TegraExplorer. Follow the guide provided here to perform the restoration. Numerous users have reported successfully resolving the issue when faced with the error message 2001-0123 on their Switch.

4. Delete the Program Shown in the Error

You can attempt to fix the error by deleting the program file indicated in the error message. Navigate to the file location atmosphere/contents and specifically delete the program mentioned. Following this, you should no longer encounter Error Code 2001-0123 in your Atmosphere.

5. Use Tinfoil

If you have been using Gold Leaf or any other program with Atmosphere, switch to using Tinfoil exclusively. Gold Leaf is not compatible with Atmosphere and can trigger Error Code 2001-0123. Ensure that you are using Tinfoil and then open Atmosphere to check if the error code persists.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall Atmosphere

As an alternative solution, you can completely uninstall Atmosphere from your Nintendo Switch and then reinstall it. Many users have reported overcoming the issue of Error Code 2001-0123 in their Atmosphere by following this method.

In conclusion, encountering Error Code 2001-0123 in Atmosphere can be frustrating, but with the solutions provided in this guide, you can effectively resolve the issue. Follow the steps outlined for each fix and enjoy a seamless experience on your Nintendo Switch with Atmosphere.


Q: What is Error Code 2001-0123 in Atmosphere?

A: Error Code 2001-0123 in Atmosphere indicates an incompatibility issue with a program file, outdated Tesla Menu or wrong usage of Tinfoil.

Q: How can I fix Error Code 2001-0123 in Atmosphere?

A: You can fix Error Code 2001-0123 by deleting incompatible sysmodules, updating your Tesla Menu and ovl, restoring emuMMC and sysMMC, deleting the indicated program file, using Tinfoil instead of Gold Leaf, or uninstalling and reinstalling Atmosphere.

Q: Will following these fixes guarantee a resolution for Error Code 2001-0123 in Atmosphere?

A: While these fixes have been successful for many users, it’s important to note that individual circumstances may vary. It’s recommended to try each fix and see which one works for your specific situation.

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