How To Fix: Multiplayer Is Disabled Please Check Your Microsoft Account Settings Minecraft

Minecraft Multiplayer Mode Error: Solutions to Fix “Multiplayer Is Disabled Please Check Your Microsoft Account Settings”

Minecraft Multiplayer Mode Error

News: Markus Persson’s creation, Minecraft, has emerged as a widely adored 2D game, enchanting players across the globe. This immersive gaming experience revolves around exploration and resource collection for the purpose of crafting structures with the help of blocks. Nevertheless, a certain segment of players might encounter an error message that reads, “Multiplayer Is Disabled Please Check Your Microsoft Account Settings” while trying to access the multiplayer mode. This article aims to delve into the causes of this issue and offer effective solutions for its resolution.

Reasons for the Error

The “Multiplayer Is Disabled Please Check Your Microsoft Account Settings” error is a common occurrence for players who are unable to access the multiplayer mode in the Java version of Minecraft. This problem arises when players have not activated multiplayer mode in their Microsoft account settings via the official Microsoft website.

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Solutions to Fix the Error

Here are some fixes to resolve the “Multiplayer Is Disabled Please Check Your Microsoft Account Settings” error in Minecraft:

Fix 1: Verify that You are Logged in with the Correct Account

To confirm that you are using the correct account, launch the Minecraft game and verify your login credentials from the top-left corner. If you find that you are not logged in with the appropriate account for multiplayer settings, please sign in with the authentic account. Keep in mind that enabling multiplayer gameplay necessitates making adjustments to your personal Microsoft account settings.

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Fix 2: Enable Multiplayer Mode in Microsoft Account Settings

Minecraft’s multiplayer mode is initially disabled by default. To enable it, go to the official Microsoft webpage and sign in to your Microsoft account. Locate the option that grants access to multiplayer mode and make sure it is turned on. This will activate the multiplayer mode for Minecraft.

Fix 3: Adjust Your Age Setting to Above 18

At times, Microsoft account protection settings can block your access to Minecraft’s multiplayer mode. To resolve this issue, go to your profile within the Microsoft account settings and adjust your age to be over 18. The error may be linked to protection settings, and modifying your age in this manner should rectify the problem.

Fix 4: Leave Family Groups

Family groups can sometimes lead to protection settings hindering Minecraft’s multiplayer mode. After adjusting your age, it’s essential to disassociate yourself from all family groups. Access your Microsoft account settings, find the family groups section, click the three dots, and then choose the “leave family group” option. Confirm your action by selecting the remove option to ensure your multiplayer mode is unaffected by family group settings.

Fix 5: Seek Support from Minecraft

If none of the previously mentioned methods successfully address the Minecraft multiplayer issue, you can seek help by submitting a support request through the official Minecraft support channels. Make sure to provide a comprehensive description of the problem you are encountering, and the support team will provide assistance based on your specific situation.

To resolve the “Multiplayer Is Disabled Please Check Your Microsoft Account Settings” error in Minecraft, it’s crucial to update your age to over 18 and exit all family groups. By applying these solutions, you can effectively eliminate the error and fully enjoy the multiplayer mode in Minecraft without any interruptions.


Q: How can I enable multiplayer mode in Minecraft?

A: To enable multiplayer mode in Minecraft, you need to log in to your Microsoft account on the official Microsoft webpage and ensure that the multiplayer mode is enabled.

Q: Why am I getting the error message “Multiplayer Is Disabled Please Check Your Microsoft Account Settings” in Minecraft?

A: This error message appears when your Microsoft account settings do not have the multiplayer mode enabled. You need to adjust your account settings to enable multiplayer mode.

Q: What should I do if the suggested fixes do not resolve the Minecraft multiplayer error?

A: If the suggested fixes do not resolve the Minecraft multiplayer error, you can seek support from the official Minecraft support channels by submitting a detailed support request.

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