How to Fix Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Battle Pass Not Working Issue?

The MW3 Season 2 Battle Pass Issues

The MW3 Season 2 Battle Pass Issues

News: The launch of the MW3 Season 2 Battle Pass on February 7, 2024, has been marred by issues that are hindering players from enjoying the latest rewards. Some players continue to experience a display of the Season 1 Battle Pass, featuring outdated rewards, instead of the expected new content. This situation has led to frustration among players who are eager to access new operators, weapons, and skins.

Game Crashes and Freezes

Furthermore, certain players are encountering game crashes or freezes while attempting to acquire the Battle Pass. This seems to stem from a bug introduced during the update process, causing these disruptions. Although the issue appears to be server-sided, players are recommended to validate their game files as a precautionary step. However, it’s important to note that there might be limited actions players can take from their end to address the situation.

Developer Response

The developers at Activision are already aware of the issue. They have officially acknowledged the problem on their Twitter account and are presently in the process of investigating and developing a solution. While awaiting the official fix, players are urged to stay informed by monitoring Activision’s various social media platforms for the most recent updates. Patience is crucial during this time, as the developers are actively working to resolve the issue and will share updates as soon as they become available.

Potential Solutions

A possible resolution involves staying vigilant for any forthcoming game-related updates. Swift installation of these updates is essential for addressing the Battle Pass issue. Additionally, some users have shared successful experiences by either restarting the game or persistently pressing the purchase button until it initiates. While these methods may seem unconventional, they have served as temporary workarounds for certain players grappling with the Battle Pass malfunction.

It’s advised to exercise caution and view drastic measures, such as uninstalling the game file, as a last resort. Patience is often recommended, as waiting for official updates or fixes from the developers is generally the most prudent approach.

Claiming New Rewards

Players who haven’t logged in may encounter an error when trying to select the ‘Buy Battle Pass’ button. This issue prevents them from claiming new blueprints, Operator Skins, or COD Points until a resolution is implemented.

Exciting Additions in Season 2

Entering the realm of exciting additions in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2, players were treated to a plethora of fresh content upon its launch on February 7. The new season brought forth an array of new maps, modes, skins, weapons, and Operators, catering to both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone enthusiasts.

Among the highlights were three new 6v6 maps available right from the start. These included exploration opportunities in the Departures area of Zakhaev International Airport, a Bay Area Stash House, and the scenic Brazilian mountaintop resort, Vista. Additionally, a remastered version of Das Haus was scheduled for release in the middle of the season, adding a nostalgic touch for long-time fans.

Mid-season, players were treated to two variant multiplayer maps for Airborne and Skidgrow, injecting more diversity into the gaming experience. War Mode aficionados were not left out, as the new Operation Tin Man map took the action to a skyscraper, presenting an exhilarating new battleground.

For Warzone enthusiasts, Fortune’s Keep brought fresh challenges and opportunities, immersing players in different landscapes and intense battles. Those eager for a detailed overview of all the changes introduced by Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 can refer to the Activision blog for a comprehensive list.

About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, developed by Sledgehammer Games in collaboration with Activision, is a first-person shooter video game that saw its full release on November 10, 2023. Serving as the twentieth installment in the acclaimed Call of Duty series, it stands as the third chapter in the revitalized Modern Warfare series.

The game’s narrative centers around the multinational special operations unit Task Force 141 as they pursue the Russian ultranationalist and terrorist Vladimir Makarov, who aims to incite a third World War. Remaining true to the realistic, modern setting of its predecessors, Modern Warfare III introduces a multiplayer mode featuring remastered maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Notably, it also includes a Zombies mode, marking a first for the Modern Warfare series.

Originally conceived as an expansion pack for Modern Warfare II by Sledgehammer Games, the project evolved into a standalone entry in the Call of Duty franchise. The game’s mechanics and graphics were meticulously crafted using the 9.0 version of the IW engine, with collaboration from Treyarch for the development of the Zombies mode. Following leaks in the early to mid-2023 period, the game was officially unveiled in August 2023, accompanied by a showcase event and a public beta held in October.

To sum up, the MW3 Season 2 Battle Pass is currently facing accessibility issues for players seeking the new rewards. Activision is actively addressing the problem and working towards a resolution. Players are encouraged to stay informed through Activision’s social media channels. Potential fixes include prompt installation of updates and restarting the game. Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 introduces an array of exciting content, such as maps, modes, skins, weapons, and Operators, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III stands out with its immersive storyline and a multiplayer mode featuring remastered maps, making it a captivating addition to the renowned series.


Q: How can I resolve the issue of not being able to access the new Battle Pass rewards?

A: Activision is currently working on a solution for the problem. In the meantime, try installing updates promptly and restarting the game. You can also stay updated through Activision’s social media platforms for the latest information.

Q: Are there any temporary workarounds for the Battle Pass not working bug?

A: Some players have reported success by restarting the game or repeatedly pressing the purchase button until it loads up. However, these methods may not work for everyone.

Q: Should I uninstall the game as a last resort?

A: Uninstalling the game should be considered a last resort. It’s recommended to wait for official updates or fixes from the developers before taking drastic measures.

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