How To Fix: FIFA 23 Not Working

FIFA 23: Troubleshooting Guide for Common Issues


News: Electronic Arts’ football simulation video game, FIFA 23, is grappling with a range of obstacles that are impeding players’ ability to fully immerse themselves in the gaming experience. These challenges encompass issues related to game initiation, frequent crashes, and unwelcome encounters with black screens. Gamers have not been spared from these predicaments across a spectrum of platforms, spanning PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5. Within this article, we will delve into the root causes of these predicaments and furnish potential remedies to empower players in overcoming them.

Possible Reasons for FIFA 23 Not Working

FIFA 23 may encounter operational issues for several reasons. One significant factor is the existence of glitches or bugs within the game. Additionally, it is essential to guarantee that both the game and the operating system of the gaming console are updated to their most recent versions. Moreover, outdated or incompatible graphics drivers can also result in performance problems within the game. A player’s internet connection can be another contributing factor to FIFA 23 not functioning correctly. Lastly, it is crucial to assess whether the player’s system meets the minimum requirements for seamless gameplay.

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Potential Fixes for FIFA 23 Not Working

Fix 1: Wait for the Bug to be Fixed – If FIFA 23 is not working, it is possible that there is a bug or glitch within the game or that the FIFA 23 servers are down. In such cases, it is best to wait until the bug is resolved by the FIFA 23 team or until the game servers are back up and running.

Fix 2: Check the System Requirements – To achieve peak performance, it is imperative to confirm that your PC aligns with the prescribed minimum system requirements for running FIFA 23. These prerequisites encompass having a compatible operating system, a designated processor, ample memory, the recommended graphics card, and a steadfast internet connection.

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Fix 3: Verify Internet Connection – A consistent and dependable internet connection is imperative for a seamless gaming experience. Sluggish internet speeds can give rise to complications during FIFA 23 gameplay. If you encounter such issues, it is advisable to assess your internet speed and, if needed, contact your service provider for assistance.

Fix 4: Limit the Number of Friends on PS5 – A number of PS5 users have shared their experiences of frequent FIFA 23 crashes, with an unconventional but effective solution emerging: maintaining a friend list of fewer than 100 contacts. While this advice isn’t officially endorsed, it has been circulated by Virtual Pro Gaming on their Twitter account. Deleting friends from your friend list appears to mitigate this issue on PS5.

Fix 5: Update Graphic Card Driver – Outdated graphics card drivers can be a common culprit behind issues when trying to launch FIFA 23. To rectify this, follow these steps: Search for “Device Manager” in the taskbar search box, select the relevant category, right-click on the specific device you wish to update, and opt for “Update Driver.” After this, relaunch the game to determine if the problem has been successfully resolved.

Fix 6: Close Background Tasks Related to FIFA 23 – Running numerous background tasks associated with FIFA 23 can hamper the game’s performance and hinder its successful launch. To address this issue, close all FIFA 23-related tasks within the Task Manager and then proceed to restart the game for smoother gameplay.

Fix 7: Disable Firewall or Antivirus – If FIFA 23 is not working due to firewall or antivirus restrictions, try disabling or whitelisting the game in your firewall or antivirus settings. This may allow the game to run without any issues.

Fix 8: Uninstall and Reinstall FIFA 23 – If none of the above fixes work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling FIFA 23. This may resolve any underlying issues with the game installation and configuration.

Fix 9: Restart Your PC or Console – A simple restart of your PC or gaming console can sometimes fix minor technical glitches. Close the game, restart your device, and relaunch FIFA 23 to see if the issue has been resolved.

Fix 10: Contact EA Support Team – If none of the previous fixes work, it is recommended to reach out to the EA support team for further assistance. They can provide step-by-step guidance to resolve the issue. Additionally, you can tweet your concerns to @EAHelp on Twitter for additional support.

In summary, resolving the “FIFA 23 not working” problem involves several key steps. First, verify that you have a reliable internet connection and that your device meets the game’s system requirements. Second, exercise patience for any bugs or glitches to be addressed by the FIFA 23 development team. Finally, keep the game updated to its latest version, if available. By adhering to these guidelines, you should be able to relish your FIFA 23 experience without encountering any issues.


Q: Why is FIFA 23 not working?

A: FIFA 23 may not be working due to glitches or bugs within the game, outdated graphics card drivers, internet connection issues, or incompatible system requirements.

Q: How can I fix the frequent crashes in FIFA 23 on PS5?

A: Some PS5 users have reported that limiting the number of friends on their system to fewer than 100 has resolved the frequent crashes in FIFA 23.

Q: What should I do if none of the fixes work?

A: If none of the previous fixes work, it is recommended to contact the EA support team for further assistance.

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