How To Fix: FIFA 23 Crashing

FIFA 23: Why Is the Game Crashing and How to Fix It

FIFA 23: Why Is the Game Crashing and How to Fix It

News: Soccer fans have been anxiously anticipating the debut of FIFA 23, the most recent addition to Electronic Arts’ beloved football simulation video game series. Nevertheless, a number of gamers have run into problems with FIFA 23, including game crashes and difficulties in playing. These challenges have surfaced on multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5, with the preponderance of grievances originating from PS5 players. In the following article, we will investigate the causes of FIFA 23 crashes and examine several potential remedies to resolve these issues.

Common Causes of FIFA 23 Crashes

There are several potential causes for FIFA 23 crashes, including:

1. Glitches or bugs in the game: Like any software, FIFA 23 may have certain glitches or bugs that can lead to crashes.

2. Outdated game or console software: If your FIFA 23 game or gaming console’s operating system is not updated to the latest version, it can cause compatibility issues and crashes.

3. Outdated or incompatible graphics driver: An outdated or incompatible graphics driver can also lead to crashes while playing FIFA 23.

4. Internet connection issues: Your internet connection may be unstable or not meeting the requirements to play FIFA 23 online, resulting in crashes.

5. Inadequate system requirements: Your system may not meet the minimum requirements necessary to run FIFA 23 smoothly, leading to crashes during gameplay.

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Solutions to Fix FIFA 23 Crashes

If you’re experiencing frequent crashes while playing FIFA 23, try the following solutions:

1. Exercise patience and await bug fixes: If you suspect that a bug or glitch within FIFA 23 is responsible for the crashes, the optimal course of action is to wait for the game developers to release a patch or update to rectify the issue. In these instances, your best approach is to practice patience until the problem is addressed and resolved.

2. Verify system requirements: It is essential to confirm that your PC or gaming console meets the minimum system prerequisites for seamless FIFA 23 gameplay. This involves ensuring that your operating system is up to date, you have ample memory, and your graphics hardware is compatible with the game’s specifications.

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3. Confirm your internet connection: It’s crucial to ensure that you have a stable and dependable internet connection. Slow internet speeds or intermittent connectivity can be a contributing factor to in-game crashes when playing FIFA 23 online. If you encounter network problems, it’s advisable to reach out to your internet service provider for assistance.

4. Trim your friend list on PS5: Certain PS5 users have shared that reducing their friend list to fewer than 100 individuals has successfully addressed the FIFA 23 crashing problems. Although this solution is not officially endorsed by EA, it has proven effective for some players. To pare down your friend list on PS5, navigate to Game Base, access “See All Friends,” click on the three dots icon, and select “Remove” to remove friends from your list.

5. Keep your graphics card driver up to date: An obsolete graphics card driver can lead to compatibility problems and game crashes. To update your graphics card driver, access the Device Manager on your PC, locate the graphics card, right-click on it, and opt for “Update Driver.” Then, choose the option to search for updated driver software automatically. After updating, relaunch FIFA 23 to determine if the crashes persist.

6. Close unnecessary background tasks: Closing any background tasks related to FIFA 23 can improve game performance and reduce the likelihood of crashes. Use the Task Manager to identify and close any applications or processes that may be interfering with FIFA 23.

7. Disable Firewall/Antivirus: In some cases, your firewall or antivirus software may be blocking FIFA 23, causing it to crash. Try temporarily disabling or whitelisting the game in your security settings to see if it resolves the issue.

8. Perform a complete uninstall and reinstall of FIFA 23: In the event that none of the previous solutions prove effective, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the FIFA 23 game. This step can address any potential problems related to corrupted files or installation issues that might be triggering the crashes.

9. Reboot your PC or console: On occasion, a straightforward restart can resolve unexpected crashes. Close FIFA 23, restart your PC or console, and relaunch the game to check if the crashes continue.

10. Get in touch with the EA Support Team: In the event that none of the previously mentioned solutions prove effective, it’s advisable to contact EA’s support team for additional assistance. They can walk you through tailored troubleshooting steps or offer further recommendations to resolve the FIFA 23 crashes. Alternatively, you can submit your issue to @EAHelp on Twitter for additional support.

To address FIFA 23 crashing problems, first, verify the stability of your internet connection and make sure your device meets the required specifications. If a known bug or glitch is the culprit, be patient and await an update from the developers. Keep your game up to date by installing the latest version. If the issues persist, consider applying the recommended fixes mentioned earlier or reach out to EA’s support team for assistance. By following these steps, you can effectively resolve FIFA 23 crashing issues and ensure a smooth gaming experience.


Q: How long do I need to wait for bug fixes?

A: The wait time for bug fixes can vary. It depends on the severity of the issue and the game developers’ response time. It is best to keep an eye on official announcements and forums for updates on bug fixes.

Q: Can reducing the friend list on PS5 really fix FIFA 23 crashes?

A: While reducing the friend list on PS5 has worked for some players, it is not an officially recommended solution. It might help in certain cases, but it may not resolve the issue for everyone. It’s worth trying if you’re experiencing crashes, but there is no guarantee of success.

Q: What should I do if none of the solutions work?

A: If none of the solutions mentioned in this article work for you, it is advisable to contact EA’s support team. They have specialized knowledge and can provide personalized assistance based on your specific issue.

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