How To Enable Cross-Save In The First Descendant

How to Activate Cross-Save in The First Descendant

How To Enable Cross-Save In The First Descendant

News: In the ever-evolving realm of gaming, Cross-Save has emerged as a game-altering innovation for players across various platforms. The First Descendant, an exceptional game, wholeheartedly embraces this functionality, enabling players to effortlessly carry their progress from one platform to another. This guide is your key to a straightforward walkthrough on enabling Cross-Save within The First Descendant, ensuring you can harness the full potential of this convenient feature.

Understanding Cross-Save in The First Descendant

Cross-Save is a groundbreaking feature that completely transforms how players can migrate their game data and advancement across different platforms within The First Descendant. This means you can initiate your gaming journey on one platform, such as Xbox One, and seamlessly continue from the same point on an alternate platform, like Windows PC/Steam or Xbox Series X/S, all without forfeiting any achievements or items. Cross-Save guarantees that your gaming experience retains its adaptability and caters to your preferences, making it more accessible than ever to explore the expansive world of The First Descendant without constraints.

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How to Enable Cross-Save in The First Descendant

Enabling Cross-Save in The First Descendant is a simple procedure that ensures your game progress transitions seamlessly between various platforms. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a Nexon Account

If you don’t already have a Nexon account, the initial step is to create one. This account is indispensable for linking your game progress across multiple platforms.

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After setting up your Nexon account, sign in to the game on all the platforms you want to link. Search for menu options like “account linking” or “Cross-Save” in the game’s settings or options. Please note that the exact location of this option may vary slightly depending on the platform you’re using.

Step 3: Enable Cross-Save

Following the successful linking of your platforms, proceed to the game’s settings and activate the Cross-Save feature. This essential step guarantees that your game data and progress can seamlessly transition between platforms, regardless of your chosen gaming location.

Step 4: Log In to Your Nexon Account

To retrieve your saved data on any of the linked platforms, just log in to your Nexon account. This guarantees that your progress stays synchronized and is ready for you to pick up your gaming adventures on any connected platform.

How to Access Saved Data on Other Platforms in The First Descendant

Enabling Cross-Save within The First Descendant streamlines the process of switching between gaming platforms. Follow these steps for a smooth transition.

Step 1: Log Into Your Nexon Account

Accessing your saved data across various platforms is contingent upon your Nexon account. It is crucial to confirm that you are signed in to your Nexon account on the platform where you intend to carry on with your gaming journey.

Step 2: Start the Game

Once you’ve logged into your Nexon account, initiate The First Descendant on your current platform. Ensure that the game loads entirely before advancing to the next step.

Step 3: Load the Saved Data

After launching The First Descendant, pick the saved data you want to load from the platform where it’s stored. From there, relish the game seamlessly, resuming right where you left off, free from any inconveniences.

To sum it up, activating Cross-Save functionality within The First Descendant is a straightforward yet incredibly valuable procedure. This feature empowers players to effortlessly migrate their in-game progress across various platforms. By adhering to the instructions provided in this manual, you can fully capitalize on this attribute and relish uninterrupted gaming experiences on your chosen device. Bid farewell to commencing from square one and embrace the versatility that Cross-Save extends in The First Descendant. Enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest!


1. Can I enable Cross-Save if I don’t have a Nexon account?

No, a Nexon account is necessary to enable Cross-Save in The First Descendant. Create a Nexon account to take advantage of this feature.

2. Is Cross-Save available on all platforms?

Yes, Cross-Save is available on multiple platforms, including Xbox One, Windows PC/Steam, and Xbox Series X/S. Ensure that you link your platforms and enable Cross-Save in the game’s settings.

3. Can I transfer my achievements and items between platforms?

Yes, Cross-Save allows you to transfer your achievements and items between platforms seamlessly. Your progress remains intact regardless of the platform you choose to play on.

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