How to craft & upgrade weapons in Like a Dragon?

Crafting and Upgrading Weapons in “Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth”

Crafting and Upgrading Weapons in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

News: “In the world of ‘Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth,’ players take command of protagonists Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu as they navigate through the Isezaki Ijincho district in Yokohama and Honolulu City, Hawaii. Engaging in turn-based combat, players have the flexibility to select different “jobs” serving as classes for their characters. The game boasts an array of mini-games and side activities, enhancing the immersive experience within its expansive world.”

Crafting Weapons at Julie’s Gearworks

To initiate the weapon crafting process in “Infinite Wealth,” make your way to Julie’s Gearworks situated either at Hula Avenue or the Anaconda Shopping Center. Once you’ve advanced to chapter two of the story, the barkeep at Revolve Bar will guide you to Julie, where you can explore weapon upgrades.

Services at Julie’s Gearworks

At her shop, Julie provides three primary services: weapon crafting, weapon upgrading with added brands, and material exchange. When crafting a weapon, it’s crucial to take into account the raw material cost, monetary expenses, and the Facility Rank requirement. Enhancing the Facility Rank can expand crafting options and is achieved by making investments in Julie’s Gearworks.

Upgrading and Adding Brands to Weapons

Weapon upgrading is a straightforward process overseen by Julie. This enhancement process allows you to boost the stats of your weapons, introducing possibilities such as adding elemental damage or incorporating modifiers referred to as Brands. Brands offer modifications to damage types and provide rare bonuses, offering an additional layer of enhancement to your weapons.

Material Exchange Services

Beyond crafting and upgrading, Julie extends her services to material exchange, providing you with the opportunity to acquire materials crucial for further enhancing your weapons. This option allows you to access valuable resources that contribute to the overall improvement of your arsenal.

Considerations for Crafting Weapons

When engaging in weapon crafting, it’s essential to take into account factors like raw material cost, monetary expenses, and the Facility Rank prerequisite. By carefully considering these elements, you can make informed decisions, ensuring the creation of powerful weapons for your party.

About “Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth”

“Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth” stands as the ninth installment in the Like a Dragon series, crafted by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega. The game has garnered acclaim for its compelling narrative and engaging gameplay mechanics, offering players an enjoyable gaming experience.

In summary, the process of crafting and upgrading weapons in “Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth” emerges as a vital element that significantly augments your characters’ abilities and overall gameplay enjoyment. Don’t forget to venture to Julie’s Gearworks, where you can explore the array of services she provides to maximize the potential of your weapons.


Q: Where can I find Julie’s Gearworks?

A: Julie’s Gearworks can be found at either Hula Avenue or the Anaconda Shopping Center.

Q: What are Brands in “Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth”?

A: Brands are modifiers that can be added to weapons to provide damage-type modifications and rare bonuses.

Q: How can I improve the Facility Rank at Julie’s Gearworks?

A: You can improve the Facility Rank by investing in Julie’s Gearworks, which will grant you access to more crafting options.

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