How to Connect Warner Bros (WB) To Twitch?

How to Link Warner Bros (WB) to Twitch

How to Link Warner Bros (WB) to Twitch

News: If you’re looking to participate in Twitch drops or gain early access to Twitch drops, it’s essential to connect Warner Bros (WB) to Twitch. This article will guide you through the process of linking Warner Bros to Twitch seamlessly.

Steps to Connect Warner Bros (WB) to Twitch:

Step 1: Login to Your WB Games Account

Start by visiting the Warner Bros (WB) games website and locate the “Login” button situated on the top right corner. Proceed to log in using your email address and password. If you don’t have an account, create one.

Step 2: Access the Profile Icon

Once you’ve successfully logged into your account, click on the “Profile Icon/Username” located at the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: Navigate to Account Settings

From the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the “Profile Icon/Username,” select “Account Settings.”

Step 4: Select Connections

On the left side menu, there are various tabs. Choose “Connections” from the list.

Step 5: Connect WB Games Account to Twitch

In the Connections section, you’ll find a range of websites where you can connect with your WB Games Account. Look for “Twitch” and click on the “Connect” option next to it.

Step 6: Confirm the Connection

Once you’ve clicked on “Connect,” a pop-up box will appear, asking for confirmation. To proceed, click on “Continue.”

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Step 7: Authorize the Link

After confirming, you’ll need to provide authorization to link Twitch with your WB Games Account. Click on “Authorize” to complete the linking process.

Upon successfully completing the authorization, your WB Games account will be successfully linked to Twitch.

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To connect your WB Games Account to Twitch, follow these steps: visit the WB Games website, log in, click on the Profile icon, select Account Settings, choose Connections, connect Twitch, and your Twitch account will be linked to WB Games.


How do I participate in Twitch drops?

To participate in Twitch drops, you need to link your Warner Bros (WB) account to Twitch. Follow the steps mentioned in the article to connect your accounts.

What are the benefits of linking Warner Bros (WB) to Twitch?

Linking Warner Bros (WB) to Twitch allows you to access Twitch drops and gain early access to exclusive content.

No, you can only link one Twitch account to your WB Games Account.

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