How to Change Time in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy: A Unique Anime-Infused MMORPG Adventure

Tower of Fantasy

The Engaging World of Tower of Fantasy

News: Tower of Fantasy stands as an immersive open-world MMORPG seamlessly melding the finest elements of anime and science fiction. Crafted by Hotta Studio and distributed by Level Infinite, this gaming marvel is accessible to a global audience on PC and mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. It envelops players in its enthralling gameplay and daily endeavors, ensuring a thrilling and gratifying gaming journey.

Discover the Daily Bounties

Within Tower of Fantasy, players actively partake in daily endeavors referred to as “bounties.” These bounties, a staple of mobile RPG games, yield a range of rewards upon successful execution. Each day, the sign-in bonus and bounty system undergo a refreshing transformation, delivering alluring incentives to ensure player retention. It’s worth emphasizing that to secure these rewards, players must diligently fulfill their tasks and claim bonuses by 5:00 am ET to prevent any forfeiture.

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The Time System in Tower of Fantasy

A recurring inquiry within the Tower of Fantasy player community pertains to the feasibility of altering the in-game time. Regrettably, the game’s design prohibits any such manipulation. Tower of Fantasy is fundamentally structured as a multiplayer online game, where participants from diverse locations engage in real-time interactions. This synchronization of time across the player base effectively precludes any option to modify the in-game time.

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Nonetheless, Tower of Fantasy boasts a distinctive time system, where the passage of 40 in-game minutes corresponds to a full day. This innovative feature alleviates the need for protracted waits while undertaking tasks or advancing within the game. The in-game time remains harmonized with the Tower of Fantasy servers, guaranteeing a smooth and unified experience for all players.

Checking the Time in Tower of Fantasy

For monitoring the in-game time in Tower of Fantasy, players can conveniently tap on the sun icon situated adjacent to the minimap. This sun icon signifies Aida Time, which mirrors the in-game time. Furthermore, players will readily observe a “weather” indicator positioned in the upper left corner of the screen, denoted by either a moon or a sun symbol, clearly signifying the time of day within the world of Tower of Fantasy.

Embark on Your Adventure in Tower of Fantasy

In summary, Tower of Fantasy offers an exceptional and enthralling gaming journey, seamlessly merging anime-inspired elements with the thrill of MMORPG gameplay. While players cannot manipulate the in-game time, the game’s time system guarantees a seamless and efficient gaming experience. Through its daily sign-in perks and bounties, Tower of Fantasy effectively engages and rewards its player base. Embark on your adventure in this captivating world today and immerse yourself in the wonders of Tower of Fantasy.


Can I change the time in Tower of Fantasy?

No, the game does not allow players to change the in-game time due to the synchronized multiplayer nature of Tower of Fantasy.

How does the time system in Tower of Fantasy work?

Tower of Fantasy has a unique time system where 40 minutes in the game equal one day. This allows players to progress efficiently without long waiting periods.

What rewards can I expect from the daily bounties in Tower of Fantasy?

The daily bounties in Tower of Fantasy offer players a range of gifts and rewards upon completion, providing exciting incentives to engage in daily tasks.

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