How to Change Server/Region In Apex Legends Mobile?

How to Change Server/Region in Apex Legends Mobile?

How to Change Server/Region in Apex Legends Mobile?

News: Apex Legends Mobile is a popular battle royale game that offers character-based gameplay. It allows players to engage in thrilling shooting battles and complete various tasks to earn rewards. However, sometimes players may encounter issues with their current server or region, such as server overload, technical problems, or game lags. In such cases, changing the server or region can be beneficial. This article will guide you on how to change the server/region in Apex Legends Mobile.

Reasons to Modify Apex Legends Server

There are several reasons why players might want to change their server or region in Apex Legends Mobile:

1. Server Overload: The current server might be overloaded, resulting in slow gameplay or connection issues.

2. Technical Problems: The server may be experiencing technical difficulties, causing disruptions in the game.

3. Leveling Up: Players may want to switch to an easier server to level up quickly and enhance their gaming skills.

4. Practice: Some players prefer to practice on a better or easier server to improve their gameplay.

5. Socializing: By changing the server, players can interact with people from different regions and make new friends worldwide.

6. Server Issues: If the current server is not functioning properly, players may opt to switch to a different one for a smoother gaming experience.

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How to Change Server/Region in Apex Legends Mobile?

To change the server or region in Apex Legends Mobile, follow these steps:

Step 1: Clearing Cache for the Game

– Close all background apps on your device.

– Go to your device’s settings.

– Locate Apex Legends Mobile in the apps section.

– Tap on the app.

– Select the option to clear cache under the app’s information and permissions.

Step 2: Downloading the Required Apps

– Open the Google Play Store.

– Search for and install the following apps: VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy and Fake GPS Location: Joystick and Routes.

Step 3: Selecting the VPN Location

– Open the VPN app you downloaded.

– The app will display the fastest server available or allow you to choose the server of your preference.

– Once selected, the location of your device’s internet connection will change accordingly.

Step 4: Changing Your Device’s Location

– Open the Fake GPS app.

– Grant all the necessary permissions when prompted.

– On the map displayed, find and select the country you chose in the VPN app.

– Choose any location within that country on the map.

– Tap the green button at the bottom right corner.

– Select “Start” from the options provided.

Step 5: Changing the Location App

– Access your device’s developer settings.

– Locate the mock location app settings.

– Set the downloaded Fake GPS app as the mock location app.

Step 6: Logging in to the Game

– Launch Apex Legends Mobile.

– Access the server settings.

– You will see the region you selected using the Fake GPS app.

Changing servers or regions in Apex Legends Mobile can provide players with a better gaming experience, addressing issues like server overload, technical problems, and lags. Although the mobile app does not officially support server changes, following the steps mentioned above can help you switch to a different server or region. By doing so, you can enjoy smoother gameplay, interact with players worldwide, and enhance your skills. Give it a try and have a fantastic gaming experience in Apex Legends Mobile.


Q: Can I change the server in Apex Legends Mobile without using a VPN?

A: No, changing the server in Apex Legends Mobile requires the use of a VPN to modify your device’s location.

Q: Will changing the server improve my gameplay?

A: Changing the server can potentially improve your gameplay by addressing server overload, technical problems, and lags.

Q: Are there any risks involved in changing the server/region?

A: While changing the server/region is generally safe, it is important to use VPN and location-changing apps from trusted sources to avoid any security risks.

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