How Old is Graeme Souness? An Insight into the Life of the Football Legend

Graeme Souness – Football Legend

Graeme Souness - Football Legend

News: Graeme Souness, a legendary figure in the world of football, has left an indelible mark on the sport. Born on May 6, 1953, in Edinburgh, Scotland, Souness is currently 70 years old. His incredible accomplishments span his playing career, managerial roles, and even recent events that showcase his unwavering spirit. However, there is much more to this football icon than meets the eye.

A Summary of Graeme Souness’ Footballing Journey

Graeme Souness’ Playing Career

Souness began his football journey with Tottenham Hotspur in 1972. As he moved on to clubs like Liverpool and Rangers, his talent became increasingly evident. His time with Rangers FC, in particular, was notable, with 73 appearances and three goals to his name. Souness remained dedicated to the sport until 1991 when he retired at the age of 38.

Individual Information

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, Souness celebrates his birthday on May 6th. At the age of 70, he reflects on a life filled with football, passion, and numerous accolades. In addition to his football career, Souness holds Scottish citizenship and is a family man, with his wife Karen and their two children.

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The Enduring Influence of Graeme Souness

Career in Sports Analysis

After hanging up his boots, Souness didn’t leave the world of football. He transitioned into punditry, offering in-depth analyses and candid views on platforms like Sky Sports.

Prominent Declarations

Throughout his punditry career, Souness has made several noteworthy statements. One that garnered attention was his opinion on Liverpool centre-back Joel Matip, whom he believed was not fit for the Premier League due to his age. Additionally, his views on Chelsea’s decision to allow midfielder Mason Mount to join Manchester United also made headlines.

Philanthropic Initiatives

Souness has also showcased his philanthropic side off the football field. In 2023, he swam across the English Channel to raise funds for Debra UK, a charity that supports individuals with a rare skin condition. This incredible feat raised an impressive £1 million, with contributions from esteemed figures like Sir Alex Ferguson, who donated £20,000.

Final Thoughts on the Age and Legacy of Graeme Souness

In conclusion, Graeme Souness, at the age of 70, is not only a football legend but also a symbol of passion and dedication. Whether it’s on the pitch, on screen as a pundit, or even swimming across the English Channel for charity, Souness proves that age is just a number when it comes to achieving greatness. His impact on the sport and his unwavering commitment serve as an inspiration to football fans and aspiring athletes worldwide.


Q: What are some of the significant achievements in Graeme Souness’ football career?

A: Graeme Souness had an exceptional playing career, with notable achievements including his time with Rangers FC and his leadership qualities as a midfielder.

Q: How has Graeme Souness contributed to charity?

A: Souness swam across the English Channel to raise funds for Debra UK, a charity supporting individuals with a rare skin condition.

Q: What is Graeme Souness’ current role in the world of football?

A: Souness is currently a prominent football pundit, offering insightful analyses and views on platforms like Sky Sports.

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