Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda Chapter 62 Release Date, Recap, Review, Spoilers, Streaming, Schedule & Where To Watch?

What to Expect in Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda Chapter 62

Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda Title

News: In recent years, the appeal of Mangas beyond Japan has seen a notable surge. Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda stands out as a manga that has garnered considerable acclaim, boasting 61 completed chapters and winning the affection of fans globally.

Release Date and Plot Details

The much-anticipated Chapter 61 of Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda brought joy to fans. However, the excitement didn’t linger for long, as fans promptly shifted their anticipation to Chapter 62 upon reaching the end of the latest installment. In this article, we’ll delve into all available details about Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda Chapter 62, encompassing the release date and potential plot developments.

Predicting the release date of Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda Chapter 62 involves referencing the manga’s customary weekly schedule. Given that Chapter 61 graced readers on December 30, 2023, expectations are high for Chapter 62 to make its debut in the first week of January 2024.

No spoilers have surfaced for Chapter 62. Enthusiasts of the series are eagerly awaiting the upcoming installment, brimming with anticipation for the prospect of heightened drama and unforeseen twists in the unfolding narrative.

A Recap of Chapter 61

Recapping Chapter 61, we delve back into the intricate love tale of high school student Akito Shirasawa and his classmate Kaho Honjou, whose narrative is uniquely influenced by Akito’s filmmaker father.

In the preceding chapter, Akito stumbles upon a private moment involving Kaho in the library preparation room, leaving him in a state of bewilderment about the impending developments. In a daring move, Akito captures the incident on his smartphone, setting the stage for an unexpected rendezvous with Kaho in the men’s restroom, where she astounds him with a surprising proposal.

This sequence of events triggers a cascade that adds layers to their already complex relationship, delving into themes of uncertainty, questioning, and longing. The storyline also examines the impact of technology and societal expectations on the evolution of their love story.

Accessing the Manga

For international readers eagerly anticipating the next installment of Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda, various streaming platforms offer access to the manga. Publishers such as Kodansha and Mangabuddy are committed to providing a global audience with accessibility to the latest chapters, ensuring that fans outside of Japan can stay updated.

In summary, the anticipation for Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda Chapter 62 is palpable among manga enthusiasts. The series, known for its compelling narrative and intricate characters, continues to captivate a diverse readership worldwide.


Q: When will Chapter 62 of Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda be released?

A: Chapter 62 is expected to be released in the first week of January 2024.

Q: What can fans expect in Chapter 62?

A: While there are no spoilers available, fans can anticipate more drama and surprising twists in the story.

Q: How can overseas fans access the manga?

A: Overseas fans can access the manga through streaming platforms such as Kodansha and Mangabuddy.

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