Granblue Fantasy Relink: Stout Heart Guide, Wiki, Gameplay & More

Granblue Fantasy Relink: A Captivating Action RPG

Granblue Fantasy Relink

News: Granblue Fantasy Relink, crafted by Cygames, emerges as a riveting action RPG that promises an immersive experience. Its development journey has captivated fans since its unveiling at the Cygames Next 2016 event in Tokyo. Now slated for release on multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows via Steam, the game’s global launch in 2024 is eagerly anticipated.

The excitement surged even more when a Western release was confirmed at E3 2018, amplifying anticipation among fans worldwide. Boasting breathtaking graphics and compelling gameplay, Granblue Fantasy Relink is poised to leave a lasting mark on the gaming landscape.

Granblue Fantasy Relink unfolds in a fantastical world where islands of various shapes and sizes drift among the clouds. Players embark on an epic quest to discover the legendary Island of the Astrals, Estalucia, where they’ll encounter a diverse cast of characters and engage in exhilarating battles. Initially a collaboration between PlatinumGames and Cygames, Granblue Fantasy Relink is now solely under the development helm of Cygames.

Enhancing Characters’ Abilities with Sigils

Granblue Fantasy Relink introduces a captivating feature where players can augment their characters’ abilities and skills by outfitting them with potent sigils. Among these, the Stout Heart stands out, granting additional buffs and effects to the character wielding it. Obtaining the Stout Heart sigil becomes an adventure in itself, as players can acquire it through diverse means, adding an extra layer of excitement to their journey.

Various Ways to Obtain the Stout Heart Sigil

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, players have various avenues to acquire the coveted Stout Heart sigil. They may stumble upon it as loot during main quests, receive it as rewards for conquering formidable challenges, or chance upon it as drops from engaging in side quests. For those seeking an immediate enhancement, the Stout Heart sigil is also available for purchase at Siero’s Knickknack Shack. Additionally, players can utilize the “Transmute Sigils” feature, exchanging their Knickknack Vouchers for a shot at obtaining a range of sigils, including the prized Stout Heart.

Immersive Turn-based Battles and Character Growth

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, gameplay centers on engaging turn-based battles that immerse players in strategic combat. They have the ability to summon formidable allies and leverage a versatile class system to tailor the main character’s abilities and development to their preferences. As players advance through the game, their characters accumulate experience, level up, and unlock a plethora of new abilities, enriching the depth of their gameplay experience.

Obtaining New Characters and Weapons

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, equipping summons and weapons bestows bonuses to both attack power and HP, bolstering the prowess of characters in battle. Acquiring new characters is possible through quest completion or by utilizing in-game currency to roll for random crystal fragments, which may yield special weapons and introduce unique characters to the party lineup. These characters, summons, and weapons are categorized and ranked according to their effectiveness and elemental attributes, spanning wind, water, fire, earth, light, or darkness, adding strategic depth to combat encounters.

Strategic Planning and Immersive Sound Design

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, strategic foresight is paramount during battles, as leveraging the superior elemental advantage against opponents significantly amplifies the team’s damage output. Certain levels even penalize players for failing to exploit the superior element, heightening the importance of tactical planning. Additionally, voice actors lend their talents to breathe life into all characters during battles and enrich the captivating main and event storylines, elevating the immersive quality of the gameplay experience to another level.

The creative force behind Granblue Fantasy Relink, has curated a team of exceptional talent to craft this immersive gaming experience. Director Fukuhara Tetsuya, along with the skilled illustrators from Cygames/CyDesignation, have masterfully created stunning visuals that elevate the game to new heights. Producers Koichi Haruta, along with esteemed composers Nobuo Uematsu and Tsutomu Narita, have lent their expertise to ensure the game’s sound design is of the highest caliber, enriching every aspect of the player’s journey.

In summary, Granblue Fantasy Relink emerges as an action RPG poised to enrapture players on a global scale. With its immersive gameplay, breathtaking graphics, and compelling storytelling, this game is primed to make a significant impact in the gaming industry. Whether players are pursuing the coveted Stout Heart sigil or strategizing to unlock their characters’ full potential, Granblue Fantasy Relink promises an exhilarating and unforgettable gaming journey.


Q. What platforms will Granblue Fantasy Relink be available on?

A. Granblue Fantasy Relink will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows through Steam.

Q. When was the announcement of Granblue Fantasy Relink made?

A. The announcement of Granblue Fantasy Relink was made at the Cygames Next 2016 event in Tokyo.

Q. Will there be a global release for Granblue Fantasy Relink?

A. Yes, the developers aim to make the release of Granblue Fantasy Relink a global event, with a simultaneous worldwide release planned for 2024.

Q. How can players acquire the Stout Heart sigil in Granblue Fantasy Relink?

A. Players can obtain the Stout Heart sigil by finding it as loot in main quests, completing challenging tasks for rewards, or as drops from side quests. It can also be purchased from Siero’s Knickknack Shack or obtained through the “Transmute Sigils” feature.

Q. What are the ranked categories for characters, summons, and weapons in Granblue Fantasy Relink?

A. Characters, summons, and weapons in Granblue Fantasy Relink are ranked as SSR, SR, R, or N based on their effectiveness. Each also has an elemental type, such as wind, water, fire, earth, light, or darkness.

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