‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets’ Dredge Sank Twice But It Wasn’t A Sunk Cost

What Happened to Tony Beets’ Dredge?

What Happened to Tony Beets' Dredge?

News: Tony Beets, a renowned miner featured on the reality TV series “Gold Rush,” invested a substantial $1 million in a dredge situated on Clear Creek to enhance his gold extraction endeavors. Despite encountering numerous challenges, such as the dredge sinking multiple times, Beets remained confident in its potential as an efficient washplant. The colossal 350-ton dredge evolved into a significant undertaking, requiring six months to be relocated to a new claim. Beets and his team meticulously reconstructed it, emphasizing their determination and resourcefulness, rebuilding it beam by beam and bolt by bolt. Despite skepticism about its success, the fully operational dredge proved its worth by processing an impressive 2,000 gallons of water per minute. Despite the setbacks, including sinking incidents, Beets, known for his innovative spirit, views the dredge as a worthwhile venture in his ongoing quest for gold on “Gold Rush.”

A Look at Tony Beets

Tony Beets, a highly regarded gold producer in the Klondike region, gained fame through his prominent role on the popular reality TV series “Gold Rush.” Hailing from the Netherlands, Beets relocated to Canada 25 years ago and currently oversees operations on the Paradise Hill claim. His contributions to the show extend beyond his own mining endeavors, as he frequently imparts valuable advice and guidance to fellow miners. One notable instance includes advising the Hoffman Group to hire a driller in Quartz Creek during a pivotal moment.

In addition to his work on Paradise Hill, Beets also owns the Scrivener Creek Claim, which he leased to Parker Schnabel in Season 4. Notably, in Season 5, he made a significant investment by injecting $1 million into a sizable dredge on Clear Creek for a new location. Although his primary income stems from gold mining, Beets also earns a substantial amount from his participation in “Gold Rush,” with an estimated earning of around $25,000 per episode.

Tony Beets’ journey in the gold mining industry serves as a testament to his resilience, dedication, and ultimate success. Starting his career in Dawson City in 1984 after three years in the construction industry, Beets has become a prominent figure in the world of gold mining.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Tony Beets remains resolute in his quest for gold and success within the mining industry. His unwavering determination is evident in his investment in the Clear Creek dredge, even when confronted with obstacles such as sinking incidents. This showcases Beets’ resilience and innovative approach. As a highly respected figure in the gold mining community, Beets serves as an inspiration to others through his enduring dedication and notable achievements. Whether depicted on the reality TV show “Gold Rush” or observed in his actual mining endeavors, Tony Beets stands as a true embodiment of the rewards that accompany hard work and steadfast commitment to one’s goals.


1. How much did Tony Beets spend on the dredge investment?

Tony Beets’ investment in the dredge amounted to $1 million.

2. What was the duration of the dredge relocation to a new claim?

The process of relocating the dredge to a new claim took six months.

3. What was the processing capacity per minute for the fully operational dredge?

The fully operational dredge had an impressive capability of processing 2,000 gallons of water per minute.

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