Foamstars: How to change your character? Character Appearance Guide

Foamstars: How to Change Your Character and Customize Your Appearance

Foamstars: How to Change Your Character and Customize Your Appearance

News: Foamstars launched on February 6, 2024, and is presently accessible at no cost for PS Plus members until March 4, 2024. Starting March 5, 2024, individuals without a subscription can acquire the game through purchase.

Changing Your Character in Foamstars

To alter your character in Foamstars, adhere to these straightforward steps:

  1. Head to the Master Saloon: The Master Saloon serves as the central hub within the game, allowing you to make diverse adjustments to your character. Access it by navigating to your primary base.

  2. Opt for “Foamstar Customization”: Once inside the Master Saloon, locate the “Foamstar Customization” option in the menu. Click on it to proceed.

  3. Choose Your Preferred Character: Within the customization menu, a roster of available characters awaits. Simply click on the portrait of the character you want to embody, and your selection will be saved.

Customizing Your Appearance in Foamstars

In Foamstars, the customization options go beyond character selection, allowing you to personalize their appearance. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Finish the Tutorial: Upon completing the fundamental tutorial, you’ll find yourself in your primary base, ready to explore and enhance your character.

  2. Visit the Master’s Saloon: Head to the Master’s Saloon, located in your base. Press the circle button to enter and access the customization options.

  3. Opt for “Foamstars Customize”: Within the Master’s Saloon menu, locate and select the option labeled “Foamstars Customize.”

  4. Explore Available Skins: The customization menu presents an array of skins for each character, some of which may be unlocked or available for purchase. Take your time to peruse the available options.

  5. Equip or Purchase Skins: Once you’ve identified a skin that appeals to you, select it to equip it onto your character. If the desired skin is yet to be unlocked, you have the option to purchase it from the Foamstars shop.

  6. Post-Match Customization: Be aware that additional customization opportunities may arise after each match. Keep an eye out for new skins and rewards, including those from the season pass, offering benefits in both the free and premium versions.

The Characters of Foamstars

Foamstars boasts an eclectic selection of eight playable characters, each distinguished by their unique weapons, styles, and accompanying bubble beastie partner. Let’s delve into the details of these characters:

  1. Soa – Twinkle Groove Dual Pistol Type, Bubble Beastie: Spiky

  2. AGITO – MURAMASA Shotgun Type, Bubble Beastie: KIRIMARU

  3. Tonix – Her Majesty Queen Soda Burst Rifle Type, Bubble Beastie: Squash

  4. Jet Justice – Jet Blaster Shotgun Type, Bubble Beastie: Graviton

  5. Penny Gwyn – PNG-90S Assault Rifle Type, Bubble Beastie: Slider, Waddler, Emp

  6. Rave Breaker – World Sanitizer Wide Hose Type, Bubble Beastie: Roly-Moley

  7. The Baristador – Coffee Breaker Long Hose Type, Bubble Beastie: Toraja

  8. Mel T – Heartful Delivery Missile Launcher Type, Bubble Beastie: Candy

Each character introduces a distinct playstyle to the game, allowing players to explore and discover the character that aligns with their gaming preferences.

In summary, Foamstars delivers an exhilarating and dynamic gaming experience through its 4v4 party shooter gameplay. Following the outlined steps, players can effortlessly switch characters and tailor their appearance, cultivating a unique in-game identity. With a diverse roster of eight characters, each equipped with unique weapons and playstyles, Foamstars offers ample opportunities for players to identify their favorites. Whether you’re a PS Plus subscriber or opting to purchase the game, Foamstars stands out as a must-play for enthusiasts of both casual and competitive gaming.


Q: Can I change my character during a match in Foamstars?

A: No, once a match has begun, you cannot change your character.

Q: Are all the character skins available for purchase?

A: No, some character skins can only be unlocked through gameplay or by completing certain challenges.

Q: Can I customize my character’s weapons in Foamstars?

A: No, the weapons and playstyles of each character are predetermined and cannot be customized.

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