Enshrouded: Best Warrior Skill Build & Melee Build Guide

Enshrouded: Best Warrior Skill Build & Melee Build Guide

Enshrouded Melee Build

News: If your goal is to craft a formidable character in Enshrouded specializing in close-quarters combat using swords and axes, with a focus on boosting damage, survivability, and versatility, then this guide is tailored to your needs. Within these pages, we’ll lead you through the process of building an engaging and efficient gameplay encounter.

About Enshrouded

Crafted by Keen Games, Enshrouded stands as an ambitious open-world RPG, delivering a varied gaming experience akin to the success seen by Valheim in early 2021. Its fusion of crafting, base building, exploration, fantasy combat, and intricate skill trees assures players of a vibrant and immersive world to explore. Drawing inspiration from Valheim, Enshrouded distinguishes itself as a distinctive adventure, seamlessly blending elements of role-playing, combat, and shooting genres.

Building Your Warrior

Path to Dominance: For a Warrior destined for greatness in Enshrouded, strategic stat allocation is key. Prioritize Constitution to bolster close-range combat resilience, supplementing it with a mix of Strength and Intelligence for efficient health regeneration. Additionally, invest in Endurance and Dexterity for a well-rounded and effective character. Distribute points into Spirit for an added layer of versatility.

Gear Mastery: Equip yourself with swords and axes to amplify your melee prowess. Seek weapons that deal a combination of Shroud, Fire, and Ice damage to enhance your versatility. Customize your armor set, finding the right balance between melee crit, crit damage, health, stamina, and resistances.

Spellcasting Warrior: Break the mold by incorporating spells into your Warrior build. Utilize Fire Ball, Heal Channel, Acid Bite, Ice Bolt, Light Burst, Meteor, and Lightning Channel strategically. Manage your mana wisely, especially when confronting aerial threats.

Skill Tree Symphony: Maximize your Warrior’s potential by following a calculated skill tree progression. Begin with the Tank and Warrior paths, unlocking essential abilities like Power Parry and Constitution boosts. As you advance, explore the Battlemage and Healer paths for intelligent spellcasting, ensuring a well-rounded and formidable character.

Survival Mastery: Elevate your survivability in Enshrouded with key skills like Endurance, Double Jump, and Wanderlust. Delve into the Trickster path to enhance mobility, and consider venturing into the Barbarian and Athlete paths for additional strength and endurance.

Adaptability in Adversity: Confront tougher foes with confidence by tailoring your build to the challenges ahead. Incorporate options like Thick Skin from the Tank skill tree and adjust your skill points to align with your playstyle while maintaining the core attributes of this potent Enshrouded Melee Build.

Embark on your Enshrouded journey with assurance, armed with this Melee Build crafted exclusively for Warriors seeking a versatile and potent playstyle. Conquer the game’s trials with your close combat finesse, heightened damage output, unwavering survivability, and unmatched versatility.


Q: Can this build be effective in multiplayer?

A: The Enshrouded Melee Build is designed to excel in both solo and multiplayer gameplay. With its focus on close combat and versatility, you’ll be a valuable asset to any team.

Q: How long does it take to reach a high level with this build?

A: The speed at which you level up will depend on various factors, such as your playtime and efficiency. However, with the Enshrouded Melee Build, you’ll have a strong foundation from the start, allowing you to progress efficiently.

Q: Can I switch to a different build later in the game?

A: Enshrouded allows for flexibility in playstyle. If you feel that a different build suits your preferences better, you can reassign your skill points and adapt your playstyle accordingly.

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