Delhi E-Pass Online | Apply for Night Curfew Pass @epass jantasamvad portal, Step by Step Guide 2021

Due to a drastic increase in the Covid 19 Positive Cases, the Delhi Government has imposed a night curfew in the state. According to the information sources, it has mentioned that the night curfew will be imposed till 30th April 2021 from 10 PM to 5 AM. Moreover, the government is issuing E-Passes for the citizens who are commuting during the restricted hours. Every individual must carry an e-pass that is being issued on the portal. 

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Delhi citizens should visit the epass jantasamvad portal and apply for the epass to commute during the restricted hours.

Delhi E-Pass Online 

The interested and eligible citizens should visit the official portal to Apply and Step by Step guide for Night Curfew Pass Online 2021.

Step by Step Guide to Apply for Delhi Night Curfew E-Pass @ epass/

Let us see the online procedure to apply and register for the Delhi Night Curfew Pass issued by the government of Delhi.

  • Click Here to get redirected to the E-Pass Janta Samvad Official Portal.
  • It takes the online user to the Home Page.
Delhi E-Pass Online
  • Select under the dropdown option under the “What you need help with” question.
  • It then displays the option: e-Pass for Travel During night curfew (10 AM to 5 PM).
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • It redirects the online user to the below page.
Apply Delhi E-Pass Online
  • On the newly opened page, Enter/Select the Contact Number, Name of the Applicant, District, Address of Office or place of engagement, Type of Service, From Date, and Till Date.
  • Please remember that the night curfew pass is valid only between 10: 00 PM and 5:00 AM.
  • Upload the ID Proof and any other document like Visiting Card, Shop/Business License, etc.
  • Please remember that the size of files should not be more than 4 MB Size.
  • Please click on the Checkbox: I acknowledge that I am fully aware that if the information furnished by me is incorrect, I shall be liable for prosecution under sections 177 & 191 of the Indian Penal Code.
  • Verify all the details and click on the submit button.
  • It then generates an e-pass online for the eligible people for the night curfew.
  • The applicants can also take a printout of the e-pass to show it to the police during the Travel.

Check Delhi Night Curfew E-Pass Application Status 

The applicants can also track the status of the Delhi Night Curfew’s E-Pass online on the portal.

  • Click Here to get redirected to the official portal of the Delhi E-Pass.
  • The applicants can observe the Check Status button on the official portal.
  • Click on the Check Status button. It then redirects the online applicants to the following page below.
Delhi Night Curfew E-Pass Application Status
  • The applicants should enter the 7 Character E-Pass Application ID generated at the time of registration.
  • It then displays the status of the application of the concerned application id.

Who are eligible to Register for an e-Pass in Delhi 

Let us see who are eligible to get the e-pass in the Delhi State to commute during the restricted hours.

  • According to the government’s latest information, the people involved in selling fruits, vegetables, medicines, and other essential commodities are allowed to apply for e-pass.
  • People who belong to different private establishments like Shops, Banks, Internet Service Providers, ATMs, Private Security services are also allowed to commute using the night pass.
  • The people working in electronic and print media are also entitled to move on roads with the e-pass handy.

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Who doesn’t require to register for Delhi Night Curfew Electronic-Pass

Contrary to the above people, the government has given relaxation to a few people to travel without applying to any pass and showing the ID Card. They are as shown below. 

  • Besides, the people like doctors, nurses, and healthcare-related employees can move on roads showing a valid voter id and other ids.
  • The patients suffering from chronic illnesses and the pregnant women can travel between 10:00 PM to 05:00 AM.
  • Passengers traveling to the airport and railway station need to show valid tickets for travelling at night.
  • Government officials like diplomats who are functioning under the government can travel by showing valid identity proof.
  • The officials working under the Central and Delhi Government can who are related to the emergency services like police, prisons, home guards, the civil defense can travel without any e-pass.
  • All the district administration’s eligible officials, pay and accounts office, electricity, water, public transport, disaster management, and related services, NIC, NCC, and municipal services are eligible to move with ID Cards.

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Delhi Night Curfew E-Pass FAQs

What is the main objective of the Delhi Night Curfew Pass introduced by the Delhi Night Curfew E-Pass?

The Delhi Night curfew pass’s main objective is to mitigate the spread of the Covid 19 Virus in the state.

What are the timings in which the people can commute using the night curfew pass?

The people can commute between Night 10:00 PM to Morning 05:00 AM using the Covid Night Pass in Delhi.

Are there any exemptions for the people involved in healthcare, government, and other emergency services? 

Yes, the people who belong to the emergency services, government, and other listed services are exempted from registering to the E-Pass.

Shal I check the application status of my e-pass online on the official portal?

Yes, the applicants can check the application status of the Delhi e-pass by entering the E-Pass and check the status of their applications.

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