David Holt: Understanding the 38th Mayor of Oklahoma City

Who is David Holt? Unveiling the Accomplishments of Oklahoma City’s 38th Mayor

Who is David Holt? Unveiling the Accomplishments of Oklahoma City's 38th Mayor

News: David Holt has been a prominent figure in recent years as the mayor of Oklahoma City. His election in 2018 was a remarkable achievement, securing an impressive 78.5% of the votes, a feat not seen for a non-incumbent since 1947. His re-election in 2022 further underlined his popularity, garnering more votes than any mayoral candidate since 1959. Notably, Holt is also the first Native American mayor in the history of Oklahoma City.

Embarking on a Political Path

Holt’s journey into politics is quite intriguing. In 2018, he made history by becoming Oklahoma City’s 38th mayor. His victory with an impressive 78.5% margin set a record that hadn’t been seen since 1947. Building on this success, Holt continued his winning streak in 2022 by obtaining more votes than any other mayoral contender since 1959. This, combined with his distinction as the city’s first Native American mayor, adds to his already distinguished career.

A Man of Many Accomplishments

David Holt is a man of many talents and accomplishments. Apart from being a successful attorney and businessman, he is also a proud Republican politician. Additionally, Holt holds the esteemed position of dean, showcasing his commitment to education and community growth.

Contributions to Arts and Culture

Delving deeper into who David Holt is, his contributions to arts and culture cannot be overlooked. As a four-time Grammy Award winner, Holt is not only a politician but also a musician, storyteller, and historian. His presence on television, particularly as the host of the PBS series “David Holt’s State of Music,” highlights his dedication to preserving and promoting traditional American music.

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Establishing an Online Identity

Understanding the importance of engaging with the public in the digital age, David Holt remains actively involved on social media. With over 100,000 followers, he consistently updates his audience about developments in Oklahoma City and shares glimpses from his personal life.

Envisioning the Future of Oklahoma City

When considering “who is David Holt,” it is crucial to recognize his visionary plans for Oklahoma City. One of his top priorities is the construction of a new downtown arena tailored for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Furthermore, his focus on infrastructure, affordable housing, and public transportation reflects his dedication to making the city more sustainable and livable.

Dedication to the Local Community

Outside of the political realm, Holt’s heart beats for the community. He actively participates in the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and the Oklahoma City Rotary Club. As a co-founder of the Oklahoma City Dream Team, a group striving for the betterment of children in the city, Holt exemplifies his commitment to societal progress.

Dedicated to Family Life

In addition to his professional commitments, Holt also fulfills roles as a loving husband to Rachel Holt and a devoted father to their children, George and Margaret. The family finds spiritual solace at St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church.

Unveiling the Potential of Effective Leadership

To merely inquire, “who is David Holt,” would overlook the multifaceted contributions of a man deeply dedicated to his city. As the 38th mayor of Oklahoma City, his leadership assures ongoing growth and prosperity for its residents.


Q: What is David Holt’s political background?

A: David Holt is a proud Republican politician with a successful career as an attorney and businessman.

Q: What are David Holt’s contributions to arts and culture?

A: David Holt is a four-time Grammy Award winner and is known for his work as a musician, storyteller, and historian. He also hosts the PBS series “David Holt’s State of Music.”

Q: What are some of David Holt’s top priorities as mayor of Oklahoma City?

A: David Holt is focused on the construction of a new downtown arena for the Oklahoma City Thunder, as well as improving infrastructure, affordable housing, and public transportation in the city.

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