Dallas Goedert’s Height: Insights into the Towering Talent of the NFL

Dallas Goedert – A Standout Tight End in the NFL

Dallas Goedert - A Standout Tight End in the NFL

A Prominent Player with Impressive Stats

News: Dallas Goedert, a prominent tight end in the NFL, stands tall at an impressive 6’5″ and has become one of the standout players for the Philadelphia Eagles since he was drafted in 2018. His height and physique play a significant role in his success on the field, evident in his stats of 243 passes for 2,753 yards and 21 touchdowns in his first six seasons.

Success at South Dakota State

Goedert’s dominance was apparent during his time at South Dakota State, where he earned the title of FCS All-American twice and made history with back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons. These accomplishments showcased his potential and set the stage for his professional career.

Impressive Measurements and Physical Prowess

When it comes to Goedert’s measurements, the results from the NFL Combine speak volumes. Standing at 6’5″ and weighing 256 lbs, he possesses the ideal build for a tight end in the NFL. His hand size of 10.25 inches and arm length of 32.8 inches further contribute to his physical prowess. Additionally, his impressive 40-yard dash time places him in the 75th percentile for tight ends, highlighting his agility.

Continued Success with the Philadelphia Eagles

At 28 years old, Goedert continues to make waves with the Philadelphia Eagles, proving that he is much more than just his height. In 2022, he secured a place in the Pro Bowl thanks to his impressive stats of 73 passes for 830 yards and 4 touchdowns. He has also been vocal about his opinions, recently commenting on the underappreciation of fellow player Jalen Hurts.

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Fantasy Football Value

For fantasy football enthusiasts, Dallas Goedert is a name to keep an eye on. His consistent performances in both receiving and blocking yards make him a valuable pick for fantasy football managers. He has undoubtedly influenced the NFL and specifically the Philadelphia Eagles, with his teammates and counterparts highlighting his significant contributions to the game. His commitment and versatility on the field make him stand out, demonstrating that he is more than just his stature.

Dallas Goedert’s height, physique, and skill have made him a standout player for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. His impressive stats, consistent performances, and contributions to the game have solidified his position as a valuable asset to the team. Whether it’s his receiving yards, blocking abilities, or his influence on the field, Goedert’s impact extends beyond his physical attributes. As he continues to excel in the sport, his stature and skill continue to make him a force to be reckoned with.


Q: How tall is Dallas Goedert?

A: Dallas Goedert stands at an impressive 6’5″ or 1.96 meters tall.

Q: Which team does Dallas Goedert play for in the NFL?

A: Dallas Goedert plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Q: What was Goedert’s standout achievement in 2022?

A: In 2022, Dallas Goedert was named to the Pro Bowl.

Q: How many years of NFL experience does Goedert have?

A: Dallas Goedert has 6 years of experience in the NFL.

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