Cooper Kupp’s Potential Return: Updated Insights on His Recovery Process

Is Cooper Kupp Set to Return Soon? Latest Insights on His Recovery Journey

Cooper Kupp's Potential Return: Updated Insights on His Recovery Process

News: As the 2023 football season kicks off, the foremost question on the minds of Los Angeles Rams’ fans is when they can expect Cooper Kupp to make his return to the field. Cooper Kupp, a standout wide receiver for the Rams, is presently sidelined due to a hamstring injury that has placed him on the injured reserve list. According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, it’s anticipated that Kupp will be absent for a minimum of the first four games of the season.

Injury Details

Kupp’s hamstring injury, incurred during a training session, presents a considerable setback, leading to his exclusion from the early phase of the season. His absence will extend for a minimum of four games.

Optimal Recovery Timeline

Based on current projections, it is estimated that Kupp is about 28 days away from reaching optimal recovery. This indicates that he may return to action around Week 3 or Week 4, aligning with the projected timeline.

Potential Return Game

Looking ahead, it is possible that Kupp’s comeback could coincide with the game against the Philadelphia Eagles on October 8. Interestingly, this mirrors the return of Eddie Meador, a renowned Rams defensive back, who also suffered a hamstring injury.

Coach’s Statement

Rams’ head coach Sean McVay has expressed his concerns about Kupp’s absence, stating that it could extend for an “extended period.” This sentiment was reinforced when he confirmed that Kupp would not be available for the Week 1 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks.

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Rams’ Roster Adjustments

In light of Kupp’s injury, the Rams have made some adjustments to their roster. Brett Rypien has stepped up as the No. 2 quarterback, and wide receiver Ben Skowronek has been added to the practice squad.

Injury Expert Analysis

Greg Scholz, an expert in sports injuries, has provided insights into Kupp’s possible return timeline. He suggests that Week 3 or 4 is the most likely scenario, although he also acknowledges the possibility of a longer absence depending on the severity of the injury.

IR Placement

For those unfamiliar with the term, Kupp’s placement on injured reserve means that he will be out of action for at least the first four games. This strategic move allows him sufficient time to recover and heal.

Coach McVay’s Statement (Reiteration)

Coach McVay has reiterated that the timeline for Kupp’s return is not set in stone. The team is taking a day-by-day approach, prioritizing Kupp’s long-term health and avoiding any premature decisions.

Cooper Kupp’s absence is certainly felt by the Rams, as he plays a crucial role in their offense. However, the team boasts a talented roster that can help mitigate the impact of his absence. Fans and followers eagerly await Kupp’s speedy recovery, and they can stay updated on his progress through the official Rams’ channels.


Q: When is Cooper Kupp expected to return to the field?

A: Cooper Kupp is projected to return to action around Week 3 or Week 4 of the 2023 football season.

Q: What adjustments have the Rams made to their roster due to Kupp’s injury?

A: The Rams have elevated Brett Rypien as the No. 2 quarterback and added wide receiver Ben Skowronek to the practice squad.

Q: What is the significance of Cooper Kupp’s placement on injured reserve?

A: Being placed on injured reserve means that Kupp will be out of action for at least the first four games, allowing him sufficient time to recover and heal.

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