Connor Heyward: NFL Player, Family Connections, and Career Highlights

Connor Heyward: Carrying on the Family Legacy in the NFL

Connor Heyward: Carrying on the Family Legacy in the NFL

Formative Years and Personal History

News: Born on January 22, 1999, Connor Heyward was preordained for a future in football. He hailed from a family deeply rooted in the NFL, where football was not merely a game but an enduring family legacy. His father, Craig Heyward, had achieved Pro Bowl status, while his older brother, Cameron Heyward, excelled as an All-Pro defensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Consequently, Connor faced the formidable challenge of following in their illustrious footsteps.

Academic Journey in College

During his collegiate journey with the Spartans, Connor Heyward crafted an impressive career. Spanning from 2017 to 2021, he graced the field in a total of 49 games, leaving an indelible mark with his unwavering commitment and exceptional skills. Although his primary position was as a tight end, his contributions reverberated throughout the field, underscoring his substantial impact on the game.

Introduction to the NFL and Professional Career

In 2022, Connor Heyward marked his inaugural NFL appearance with the Pittsburgh Steelers during Week 1 against the Cincinnati Bengals. While he didn’t begin the game in the starting lineup, his presence resonated strongly within his team. Presently, he showcases his versatility by playing roles as both a tight end and a fullback, illustrating his adaptability and multifaceted contributions on the field.

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Injury and the Path to Recovery

Connor encountered setbacks on his path to success, notably grappling with an injury during the Pittsburgh Steelers’ concluding preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons. Nevertheless, his unwavering determination and resilience were unmistakable as he embarked on the journey of recovery, emerging from the adversity even stronger than before.

Recent Appearances and Statistics

Connor Heyward’s on-field displays have consistently caught attention. In a match against the San Francisco 49ers, despite the Steelers suffering a 30-7 defeat, Connor exhibited his prowess by securing two receptions out of four targets, accumulating a total of 19 yards. His agility and precision were on full display, underscoring his exceptional skills as a player.

Generational Family Impact

The Heyward family name carries significant weight in the NFL. With his father, Craig Heyward, being a Pro Bowl player and his older brother, Cameron Heyward, currently an All-Pro defensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Heywards have left a lasting legacy on the sport. Their unmatched skills and dedication serve as a testament to their family’s legacy.

Draft Choice and Its Significance

The 2022 NFL draft marked a pivotal moment for Connor. He was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the sixth round as the 208th overall pick, showcasing the team’s belief in his abilities and potential.

Connor Heyward epitomizes a blend of skill, unwavering dedication, and resilience, a testament to his character both on and off the football field. As he readies himself for the 2023 NFL season, the anticipation among fans and football aficionados is palpable. With a heritage steeped in football excellence and undeniable talent, Connor Heyward’s journey is nothing short of inspiring, a narrative of triumph and accomplishment that leaves an enduring impression on the sport.


Q: What is Connor Heyward’s NFL family history?

A: Connor Heyward comes from a family with a strong NFL presence. His father, Craig Heyward, was a Pro Bowl player, and his older brother, Cameron Heyward, is an All-Pro defensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Q: What position does Connor Heyward play in the NFL?

A: Connor Heyward currently plays as a tight end and fullback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL.

Q: How did Connor Heyward perform during his college career?

A: Connor Heyward had an impressive college career, playing for the Spartans and participating in 49 career games from 2017 to 2021. He showcased his skills primarily as a tight end.

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