Brittney Griner’s 2023 Team: A Look at Her Return to the Phoenix Mercury

Brittney Griner’s Comeback to the WNBA

Brittney Griner's Comeback to the WNBA

The Much-Anticipated Comeback

News: After enduring a protracted 294-day detention in Russia, basketball luminary Brittney Griner is at long last poised to make her triumphant return to the WNBA in 2023. She will once again proudly wear the Phoenix Mercury jersey, a moment that has been fervently anticipated by fans and enthusiasts alike.

An Iconic Career

Brittney Griner undeniably stands as a formidable presence in the realm of basketball. With three WNBA championships and an impressive seven All-Star appearances, she has firmly established herself as one of the sport’s most illustrious players. Her unwavering passion for the game shines through, and her forthcoming reunion with her Phoenix Mercury teammates is poised to be an exhilarating and highly anticipated event.

A Tenacious Sports Star

Despite encountering setbacks, including suspensions during her career, Griner has consistently demonstrated remarkable resilience. Among her notable achievements is her leadership in guiding Baylor to an NCAA championship in 2012, accomplishing an unprecedented perfect season record of 40-0. Her return to the WNBA in 2023 has been highly anticipated, resulting in a significant countdown leading up to her comeback.

Backing from the Basketball Fraternity

While she was away from the court, Griner received an immense outpouring of support from the WNBA community on Twitter. This overwhelming show of encouragement underscored the importance of her return and the palpable excitement it generated.

The Phoenix Mercury’s Fresh Start

The official announcement of Griner’s comeback was made by the Phoenix Mercury, a team boasting an impressive history of three WNBA championships. The re-signing of their star center signifies the initiation of a new chapter for the team and underscores their ambitious aspirations for future success.

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Emphasis on Global Competition

Following her stint in Russia, Griner has opted to exclusively participate in overseas basketball for Olympic purposes. This choice underscores her dedication to international competition while maintaining her steadfast commitment to the WNBA.

A Victorious Comeback

Griner’s return to the WNBA was a resounding triumph. In her initial game back, she showcased her exceptional skills by tallying an impressive 18 points, affirming that she has retained her remarkable prowess despite her hiatus from the game.

Stay Informed with ESPN

For fervent fans and dedicated followers, ESPN offers an extensive profile of Brittney Griner, featuring live statistics and highlights from her games. This guarantees that enthusiasts can remain well-informed about her basketball exploits and achievements as her journey unfolds.

The Journey to the Olympics

Brittney Griner and fellow WNBA luminary Diana Taurasi have both articulated their dedication to the Phoenix Mercury and their mutual aspiration to represent their nation in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Appreciation for the Opportunity

Following her release, Brittney Griner conveyed profound gratitude for the opportunity to come back to her roots. She underscored her resolute commitment to donning the Phoenix Mercury jersey in the forthcoming 2023 WNBA season.

A Historic Comeback

Brittney Griner’s eagerly awaited comeback to the WNBA in 2023 signifies a pivotal juncture in her illustrious career, creating a momentous occasion for basketball enthusiasts around the globe. Despite the formidable challenges she has encountered, her unwavering devotion to the game and her undeniable prowess continue to illuminate her path. Her return to the Phoenix Mercury court elicits both enthusiasm and a sense of familiarity, reinforcing her steadfast dedication to the team and the WNBA. Fans can eagerly anticipate bearing witness to Griner’s extraordinary talents as she embarks on yet another captivating chapter in her basketball odyssey.


1. What are Brittney Griner’s notable achievements?

Brittney Griner has three WNBA championships and seven All-Star appearances to her name. She also led Baylor to an NCAA championship in 2012 with a perfect season record of 40-0.

2. How has Griner’s return to the WNBA been received?

Griner’s return to the WNBA has been eagerly anticipated by fans and has garnered overwhelming support from the basketball community.

3. What is Griner’s focus in terms of international competition?

Post her time in Russia, Griner has decided to solely engage in overseas basketball for the Olympics, showcasing her commitment to international competition while still prioritizing the WNBA.

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