BLACKPINK’s VMAs Triumph: How Many VMAs Have They Won in 2023?

BLACKPINK’s Triumph at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs)

BLACKPINK's Triumph at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs)

How Many MTV Video Music Awards Have They Won?

News: In a groundbreaking moment for K-pop, BLACKPINK stole the show at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), taking home two prestigious awards. They won “Group of the Year” and “Best Choreography” for their hit song “Pink Venom.” This incredible achievement solidified their position as the top girl group of the century and made them the first girl group ever to receive the “Group of the Year” honor.

Their Outstanding Trophies and Accolades

BLACKPINK’s recent triumph at the VMAs is just a small addition to their already impressive collection of awards. With over 85 accolades to their name, including 57 from renowned global ceremonies and music shows, their legacy in the industry is unquestionably solidified.

Global Impact and Dominance

The spotlight at the 2023 VMAs was rightly on BLACKPINK, as their wins for “Group of the Year” and “Best Choreography” showcased their unrivaled global influence and dominance in the music industry. Their extraordinary success extends far beyond the VMAs, with an astonishing 85 awards worldwide and numerous victories at high-profile ceremonies.

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Consistent Rise in the Music Industry

This wasn’t the first time BLACKPINK encountered the VMAs. In previous editions of the prestigious awards, they were nominated and emerged victorious, highlighting their consistent growth in the music world. Tracks like “How You Like That” have clinched multiple awards, further solidifying their position in the global music scene.

BTS and BLACKPINK: A Cordial Rivalry

The 2023 VMAs also showcased another K-pop sensation, BTS, who won the “Best Group” title. This friendly competition between BLACKPINK and BTS emphasizes the ever-growing global reach of K-pop and the remarkable talents of its artists.

A Legacy that Transcends the VMAs

Although the VMAs serve as a significant milestone in their career, BLACKPINK’s influence extends far beyond this event. Their music, characterized by infectious melodies and captivating choreography, consistently breaks records and sets new standards in the industry.

In conclusion, BLACKPINK’s recent triumph at the 2023 VMAs with two wins adds to their already impressive list of accolades. With their unparalleled global influence, catchy music, and dynamic performances, BLACKPINK’s legacy in the music industry is undeniable. As they continue to make history and captivate audiences worldwide, the world eagerly awaits their next move.


Q: How many VMAs did BLACKPINK win in the 2023 ceremony?

A: BLACKPINK received two VMAs in the 2023 ceremony.

Q: What is BLACKPINK’s global influence?

A: BLACKPINK’s global influence is unrivaled, with over 85 awards worldwide and victories at numerous high-profile ceremonies.

Q: What sets BLACKPINK apart in the music industry?

A: BLACKPINK’s infectious melodies and captivating choreography, coupled with their consistent record-breaking success, set them apart in the music industry.

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