Bihar Panchayat Chunav 2021 | Mukhiya/Sarpanch Election Bihar, Notification, Symbol, Reservation List

As expected earlier, the preparations are going in full swing for the Bihar Panchayat Elections 2021, scheduled for September-October. The administrative preparations have already been started, and it is also heard that the Panchayat Elections will occur in 10 phases. The EVMs will also be made available within a week in the respective constituencies. The Election Commission has also unveiled the election symbols for the candidates contesting in the elections. 

Bihar Panchayat Chunav

This article explains the complete details of the Bihar Panchayat Chunav 2021, Mukhiya/Sarpanch Election Bihar, Election Notification, Symbol, and Reservation List.

Election Symbols for Bihar Panchayat Mukhiya/Sarpanch Chunav 2021

Let us see the election symbols of the Bihar Panchayat Elections scheduled in the Bihar State.

  • For Zilla Parishad Member, the election symbols are kite, lady purse, letterbox and other election symbols.
  • The EC has fixed the election symbols for all the six posts, including the head.
  • However, for the post of Head of Gram Panchayat, beads, dholak, pen and dawat, tempu, bridge, brinjal, brush, chimney, camera, candles, stick, blackboard, Toffee, Stick, Mobile, Whistle, Witch, Basket, Chain, Television, Camel, Book, Parrot, Aircraft, Rising Sun, Palm Tree, carrot, bucket, peacock, sickle, Jug, Kettle, Well, Save, Diesel Pump, and Papaya as Election Symbols has been fixed.
  • As many as 20 symbols have been fixed for Zilla Parishad Members in Panchayat Elections. The symbols include kite, lady purse, letterbox, lock and key, fish, van, table, table lamp, gas stove, glass, corn, pressure cooker, train engine, saw, a bunch of grapes, sewing machine, slate.
  • The election commission has been fixed symbol of the doll, handpiece, chair, torch, tractor, ladder, scales, damaru, pigeon and bat for Panch of the Gram Kachari.
  • For the post of Sarpanch, the symbols like the stove, motorcycle, tap, bulb, four-cylinder, pair of the bullock, stool, heron, laddu, plough, gig, flute, typewriter, match, umbrella, food plate, pelt, water vessel, truck, spinning wheel etc. have been sanctioned.
  • The EC has fixed the symbols of coconut, cot, cup and plate, comb, banyan tree, doli, frock, spade, a gas cylinder and jeep for the election of Panchayat Samiti members.

Bihar Mukhiya/Sarpanch Chunav Official Notification

Let us see the Official Notification of the Bihar Sarpanch Election scheduled in the Bihar state.

  • The applicants who wish to find the official notification can visit the Official Portal of SEC Bihar and find out the official notification pdf online.

Bihar Panchayat Chunav Reservation List 

Let us see the details of the Reservation List of the upcoming Bihar Panchayat Chunav 2021.

  • There are around 1000 General Reserved seats for Mukhiya, Sarpanch, and Panchayat Samiti members.
  • There are as many as 500 seats reserved for Female, SAC, ST, and Backward Classes for Mukhiya, Sarpanch, and Panchayat Samiti members.
  • There are 2000 seats reserved for Zilla Parishad Members under General Category.
  • There are 250 General Seats reserved for Panch and Panchayat Members.
  • There are as many as 125 seats reserved for Female, SAC, ST, and Backward Classes for Panch and Panchayat Members.

The interested citizens can visit the Official Portal of Election Commission Bihar and find out the details of the Bihar Panchayat.

Bihar Panchayat Chunav 2021 FAQs

What is the tentative date of the commencement of the Bihar Panchayat Elections in the state?

The Bihar Panchayat Elections are expected to schedule in September or October this year.

Does the Bihar State Election Commission announce the election symbols for all the posts for which the elections to be held?

Yes, the Election Commission announced the election symbols for different posts for which the elections are scheduled in Bihar State.

What are the number of phases in which the Mukhiya/Sarpanch elections will be conducted in Bihar?

According to reliable information sources, the elections for Bihar Panchayat will be conducted in 10 phases.

What is the mode of conduction of the upcoming elections of the Bihar Panchayat Chunav 2021?

As per the announcement, the Bihar Panchayat Chunav 2021 will use the EVMs for the elections.

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