Ark Fjordur Wyvern Egg: Trench Poison Fire Lightning Ice

The Nordic Adventure in Ark Fjordur

The Nordic Adventure in Ark Fjordur

News: The Nordic adventure within Ark Fjordur has recently received a wave of thrilling updates, introducing an array of fresh features, creatures, and materials that have elevated the gaming experience to new heights. Among the many captivating elements within the game, the allure of Wyvern Eggs stands out prominently. These coveted eggs hold a pivotal role, granting players the opportunity to raise their own Wyverns. In this article, we will delve into an in-depth exploration of the various types of Wyvern Eggs awaiting discovery in the enchanting realm of Ark Fjordur, as well as reveal the precise locations where these precious treasures can be found.

What Are Wyvern Eggs in Ark Fjordur?

Within the realm of Ark Fjordur, you will encounter the majestic Wyvern Eggs, colossal in size, which function as the pivotal spawn eggs for the awe-inspiring creatures known as Wyverns in the game. Each Wyvern type is associated with a distinct egg color, adding a visual distinction to this vital element. However, it’s important to note that these eggs do not spontaneously hatch in any particular region. Instead, players must diligently meet specific hatching criteria to successfully bring Wyverns into existence within the game.

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Wyvern Egg Locations in Ark Fjordur

The primary locales for acquiring Wyvern Eggs are the island map and the scorched earth region. Below are the coordinates for each type of Wyvern Egg:

1. Poison Wyvern: To uncover Poison Wyvern Eggs, journey to the Vanahiem region, pinpointed at coordinates 12.0 and 64.6.

2. Fire Wyvern: For Fire Wyvern Eggs, direct your search to the eastern reaches of the map, precisely at coordinates 96.1 and 80.1.

3. Lightning Wyvern: The Lightning Wyvern dwells in the Asgard lands, where it is closely guarded by other Lightning Wyverns. Its lair is marked by coordinates 30.4 and 08.01.

4. Ice Wyvern: The coveted Ice Wyvern Eggs can be discovered in the harsh mudersnow expanse of Jotunheim, situated at coordinates 64.1 and 31.8. Keep in mind that this region is exceedingly frigid, so players must ensure they have adequate insulation and maintain their body temperature to endure the cold.

Exploring the Wyvern Trench in Ark Fjordur

The Wyvern Trench, also known as the Dragon Trench, is the primary location where players can search for Wyvern Eggs in Ark Fjordur. The trenches differ based on the type of Wyvern Egg you are seeking.

Understanding Poison Wyverns in Ark Fjordur

Poison Wyverns are a significant type of Wyvern found in Ark Fjordur. As the name suggests, these Wyverns possess a substantial amount of poisonous gas within them. They are commonly located in the black mountain region on the Fjordur map. Poison Wyverns are well-suited for raiding, thanks to their aggressive nature and noxious gas attacks. However, it’s important to note that they are not as strong as Lightning Wyverns nor as rare as Ice Wyverns.

Poison Wyvern Egg Locations in Ark Fjordur

If you’re searching for Poison Wyvern Eggs, you’ll find them in the dark black mountains region on the Fjordur map. Specifically, they can be discovered in the Northern Highlands and the Mubersnow region. To reach the Vanaheim region, you’ll need to use the portal room. Keep in mind that this lush green area is challenging to find due to the dense trees and surrounding flowers. The coordinates of the Vanaheim region range from 12.0 to 64.7. Once you’ve reached the area, move down the stream and look for two different paths. If you’re using a flyer, take the left entrance and fly over the cavern. Alternatively, you can take the right path, which leads to the chamber. In the chamber, you’ll find the first Poison Wyvern Egg on the right side (look down).

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Understanding Fire Wyverns in Ark Fjordur

Fire Wyverns are red-orange, black-winged dragons that excel in various activities within Ark Fjordur. They possess exceptional fire manipulation skills and can unleash devastating fire breath attacks. If you’re looking for a versatile Wyvern, the Fire Wyvern is an ideal choice. Taming a parental Fire Wyvern is challenging, so stealing their eggs is a safer alternative.

Fire Wyvern Egg Locations in Ark Fjordur

To locate Fire Wyvern Eggs, head to the volcano island on the bottom right side of the Fjordur map. Move towards the southeastern part of the island and look for hexagonal-shaped stones. In this area, you’ll notice a large scar-like opening on the ground. Descend into the scar and discover numerous hexagonal golden or black crystals. The coordinates for this location are 96.1 and 80.1 on the Fjordur map. Once you’ve reached the inside of the wall, search for small chambers where the Fire Wyvern Eggs can be found.

Understanding Lightning Wyverns in Ark Fjordur

Lightning Wyverns are considered the strongest dragon type in Ark Fjordur. These Wyverns, also known as Draconis Vipera, possess incredible lightning power and are known for their damaging breath attacks. They are first encountered in the Scorched Earth region. Regardless of their age or gender, Lightning Wyverns demonstrate superhuman speed, durability, and stamina. While players can attempt to tame a Lightning Wyvern, it is easier to acquire a Lightning Wyvern Egg from the northwestern region of the Fjordur map. The interesting aspect of Lightning Wyverns is that the alpha wyvern spawns naturally.

Lightning Wyvern Egg Location in Ark Fjordur

In the quest for Lightning Wyverns, adventurers must first navigate to the Asgard realm using the portal chamber. If you’re equipped with a flying creature, take to the skies and soar over the colossal green skeleton, then descend along the cliff’s edge. Here, a grand entrance awaits you, marked by coordinates 30.5 and 80.2. Enter this portal and make a right turn as you proceed. Keep in mind that it may be necessary to activate invisibility or prepare for encounters with Lightning Wyverns, Titanboas, and Onycs that regularly patrol the surrounding cavern. Appropriating Lightning Wyvern Eggs while these formidable creatures take flight demands impeccable timing. Swiftly traverse the trench, meticulously examining the small chambers near the glowing crystals to locate your prized Lightning Wyvern Eggs.

Understanding Ice Wyverns in Ark Fjordur

Ice Wyverns are a rare and diverse type of Wyvern that players can encounter in the Fjordur fields. They come in various colors, including white, blue, black, and grey. Players have the option to take Ice Wyvern Eggs or spawn them. These eggs can be stolen from nests located in the “Snow Biome.” It’s important to note that Ice Wyverns cannot be tamed.

Ice Wyvern Egg Locations in Ark Fjordur

Ice Wyvern Eggs are located within the frigid expanse of Jotunheimen, a snow-covered region. To access Jotunheimen, players should make use of the portal room situated in the Midgard area. Seek out a trench positioned beneath a colossal rock formation that stands out as a distinctive landmark. Prior to commencing your expedition, it is imperative to ensure you possess adequate heat insulation to withstand the harsh cold. The coordinates for Jotunheimen are 64.1 and 31.8. Follow the trail of bones and skulls to pinpoint the entrance of the cavern. Descend into the trench, meticulously scouring for Ice Wyvern Eggs.

The Ark Fjordur Fields offer an enthralling encounter with prehistoric creatures and legendary dragons of the Nordic era, with Wyverns occupying a significant role in the game’s landscape. Taming these majestic creatures proves to be quite the challenge, prompting many players to opt for the alternative approach of summoning Wyvern Eggs. We’ve extensively covered the various domains and locales where players can locate Poison, Fire, Lightning, and Ice Wyvern Eggs within Ark Fjordur. Adequate preparation is paramount before embarking on these perilous quests, particularly when braving the bone-chilling expanse of the Ice Wyvern territory.

Procuring Wyvern Eggs isn’t a straightforward task in open areas; instead, players must delve into caverns and meticulously explore the nooks and crannies nestled along the trench walls. Stay vigilant for potential threats, as danger may lurk in the shadows. We trust that this article has furnished you with invaluable insights for your Wyvern Egg hunts in Ark Fjordur.


Q: Are Wyvern Eggs difficult to find in Ark Fjordur?

A: Yes, Wyvern Eggs are not easily found in open areas. Players must enter caverns and search for them within small chambers along the trench walls.

Q: Can Ice Wyverns be tamed in Ark Fjordur?

A: No, Ice Wyverns cannot be tamed. Players have the option to take Ice Wyvern Eggs or spawn them.

Q: Which type of Wyvern is considered the strongest in Ark Fjordur?

A: Lightning Wyverns are considered the strongest dragon type in Ark Fjordur. They possess incredible lightning power and are known for their damaging breath attacks.

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