Ark Fjordur Resources: Oil Honey Fungal Wood

Ark Fjordur Resources: Oil, Honey, Fungal Wood

Ark Fjordur Resources: Oil, Honey, Fungal Wood

The Importance of Oil in Ark Fjordur

News: The presence of oil in Ark Fjordur is of paramount importance for the production of a wide range of metal goods, including the Industrial Grill, Industrial Cooker, Grenade, Fabricator, Absorbent Substrate, Industrial Forge, Gasoline, Spark powder, Cooked Meat, Re-fertilizer, Vault, Soap, Tripwire Alarm Trap, Spray Painter, Silencer Attachment, and Propellant. Its role in gameplay is undeniably significant.

Location of Ark Fjordur Oil

Locating oil in Ark Fjordur is a relatively straightforward task, thanks to the numerous oil-rich rocks scattered across the landscape. For a dependable source, venture towards the 78 80 regions on the map. Here, you’ll discover a desolate island with a wealth of accessible clusters of oil-rich rocks. Alternatively, you can gather oil from rocks near the coastline or in the vicinity of Whitesky Peak on the Island. Engaging in underwater exploration may also yield fruitful results in finding oil-rich deposits. Moreover, dispatching leeches, trilobites, basilosauruses, and dung beetles can provide a decent supply of oil, as they are known to produce it.

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The Utility of Honey in Ark Fjordur

In Ark Fjordur, honey plays a versatile role, serving various functions for players. It serves as a crucial ingredient for luring prey and enticing other creatures. Additionally, players can consume honey to enhance their immunity. Honey can also be packaged and shared with fellow players. Furthermore, it’s a valuable bait for taming giant bears and liopleurodons. Nevertheless, it’s essential to note that honey has a limited shelf life, spoiling after just two minutes if retained solely in the inventory. Any surplus honey can be effectively utilized for harvesting needs.

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Location of Ark Fjordur Honey

In Ark Fjordur, locating honey is achievable by seeking out substantial beehives situated in the northern territories of the region. More precisely, honey can be harvested from three primary areas: 45 95, 42 79, and 33 60. These beehives hold a generous supply of honey, ensuring you have an ample amount to meet your needs.

The Significance of Fungal Wood in Ark Fjordur

Fungal wood in Ark Fjordur is a vital resource for crafting a variety of items, functioning similarly to conventional wood. Several items that can be manufactured using fungal wood encompass the Slingshot, Stone Pick, Spear, Torch, Stone Hatchet, Parasaur Saddle, Dinosaur Gate, Stone Structures, Thatch Structures, Wooden Structures, Phiomia Saddle, Dinosaur Gateway, and Raptor Saddle.

Location of Ark Fjordur Fungal Wood

In Ark Fjordur, you can locate fungal wood underwater near the beehive sheds. To obtain fungal wood, navigate to the 66 79 regions on the map and submerge yourself into the water. There, you will encounter a substantial mushroom-shaped structure constructed from wood. Utilize a hatchet to collect the fungal wood from this structure beneath the water’s surface.

Absolutely, following these locations and using your map effectively will allow you to easily gather these essential resources in Ark Fjordur. We trust this information has been valuable to you. Happy adventuring!


Q: How can I find oil in Ark Fjordur?

A: Oil can be found in oil-filled rocks near barren islands and underwater riverbeds. You can also acquire oil by killing certain creatures that produce oil.

Q: Where can I find honey in Ark Fjordur?

A: Honey can be found in large beehives located in the northern regions of the land. Specific areas to look for honey include 45 95, 42 79, and 33 60.

Q: How do I obtain fungal wood in Ark Fjordur?

A: Fungal wood can be collected underwater near beehive sheds. Dive into the water in the 66 79 regions on the map to find a large mushroom-like structure made of wood. Use a hatchet to extract the fungal wood.

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