Ark Fjordur Organic Polymer

Ark Fjordur Organic Polymer: A Guide to Obtaining and Using this Resource

Ark Fjordur Organic Polymer: A Guide to Obtaining and Using this Resource

About Ark Fjordur

News:Ark Fjordur stands as an expansive addition to the well-loved survival video game, ARK: Survival Evolved. As an officially sanctioned downloadable content (DLC) map, it beckons players to delve into a captivating and lush world teeming with resources and a wide array of wildlife, promising an immersive gaming experience.

The Importance of Organic Polymer

Ark Fjordur boasts a precious resource known as Organic Polymer, a naturally-occurring polymer with vital applications in crafting. Yet, it’s imperative to bear in mind that this substance can pose a significant threat to humans if ingested. Aptly nicknamed the “suicide pill,” Organic Polymer has the capability to inflict 500 points of damage, potentially resulting in an instant and fatal outcome for the player.

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Methods to Obtain Organic Polymer

So, how can players obtain Organic Polymer in Ark Fjordur? Here are some methods:

  1. Construction: Players can craft Organic Polymer using specific materials such as Obsidian, cementing
    paste, and a fabricator. It’s worth mentioning that the engram required for crafting Organic Polymer becomes available
    at level 40 in the game.
  2. Bee Caves: A prime location for finding Organic Polymer is the bee caves located in Crustal Isles. Though
    abundant in this area, players may need specific tools like a wooden bat, chainsaw, or sword to extract it. Tamed creatures
    like the Doedicurus and Magmasaur can also assist in obtaining Organic Polymer from these bee caves.
  3. Harvesting from Creatures: Killing certain creatures like Mantis, Kairuku, Karkinos, Hespirornis, and even
    dead Ichthyosaurus can yield a good amount of Organic Polymer through harvesting.
  4. Deathworms and Plants: Players can also find Organic Polymer as a loot drop from deathworms. Additionally,
    specific plants, such as bulb-like white plants found in Valguero and Aberration, can be harvested for Organic Polymer.
  5. Grinding Polymer Objects: If players have crafted objects made of polymer, they can grind them to obtain
    Organic Polymer.

To sum it up, Ark Fjordur stands as an exhilarating DLC expansion map within the ARK: Survival Evolved universe, delivering a demanding survival adventure to players. Organic Polymer, a prized resource, takes center stage in this map, furnishing gamers with indispensable crafting components. By venturing into bee caves, collecting creatures, and processing polymer-based objects, players can amass the Organic Polymer essential for their exploits in the captivating world of Ark Fjordur.


Where To Farm Sap In Ark Fjordur?

Farm Sap: To farm sap in Ark Fjordur, players can gather it from the trees located in various areas of the map, such as the Redwood Forest or the swampy regions.

How To Level Up In Ark Fjordur?

Level Up: Players can level up in Ark Fjordur by earning experience points through various activities, such as harvesting resources, taming creatures, completing quests, and surviving against hostile wildlife.

Ark Fjordur Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle: The Dung Beetle is a creature found in Ark Fjordur that specializes in converting feces into valuable resources, such as fertilizer and oil. Players can tame and utilize Dung Beetles to assist in their resource gathering endeavors.

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