Ark Fjordur Metal Locations

Best Locations for Metal Deposits in Ark Fjordur

Best Locations for Metal Deposits in Ark Fjordur

Location 1: 41.8 And 41.2

News: You can locate the initial metal deposit along the southern edge of the map, where the autumnal landscape transitions into the snowy terrain. Seek out a shipwreck adjacent to a prominent stone on the shore. As you continue eastward along the coastline, you’ll come across a substantial stone slope housing three valuable metal resources ripe for harvesting.

Location 2: 51.9 And 29.9

The second metal deposit can be pinpointed around the coordinates 51.9 and 29.9. Players need to venture towards the coast of the island, keeping an eye out for a shipwreck, where they’ll also discover metal hatchets and metal picks. Proceeding towards the right side of a sizable stone archway, players will encounter metal nodes situated atop a stone ledge. Caution is essential in this area, as perilous creatures lurk, posing a significant risk of attack.

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Location 3: 60.6 And 87.8

The third metal source is located in the eastern section of the map, approximately at coordinates 60.9 and 87.8. To access it, players must make their way to the coastline and traverse the ocean to reach a petite island. On a rocky ledge near the shoreline, you’ll discover small clusters of metal nodes. However, exercise caution, as seagulls and dilos in the vicinity may present a threat. Furthermore, inside a small wooden hut within the island’s forest, players can uncover additional supplies and metal nodes.

Location 4: 62.7 And 81.4

The fourth metal location is located at coordinates 62.7 and 81.4. It can be found behind a waterfall in the eastern region of the map. Players should explore the cave behind the waterfall, where they will discover valuable metal nodes, glistening crystals, and oil rocks. It is important to exercise caution while entering and exiting the cave, as dangerous creatures may be present.

Location 5: 64.5 And 80.2

The fifth metal location can be accessed by heading towards coordinates 64.5 and 80.2. Players will need a raft to reach this location, which is a coastline with a castle in the middle. By walking up to the castle area, players will come across a waterfall. Moving down the waterfall, on the right side, there is a significant amount of metal nodes. It is essential to be aware of Carnos and Rexes in this area, as they may attack. Players can collect as much metal as possible and use the raft to leave the region.

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Location 6: 29.4 And 35.3

The sixth metal location is situated at coordinates 29.4 and 35.3, in the northern continent of the map. Players will encounter a landslide with valuable metal nodes. Moving further north, players will find a mountain devoid of harmful creatures, offering plenty of metal deposits. From the middle of the map, players can head towards a wooden bridge in the valley, where they will find metal nodes and runestones that provide an energy boost.

Location 7: 89.2 And 49.2

The seventh metal location is located at coordinates 89.2 and 49.2, on the southern continent. Instead of heading towards the coastline or shore, players should move towards a tiny island. Beneath the huge stone below the island, players will find a significant number of metal nodes and oil rocks.

Location 8: 77.9 And 39.3

The eighth metal source is reachable from the small island mentioned in the seventh location. Players can chart their course using GPS coordinates, aiming for 77.9 and 39.3. Along this path, they will encounter a pair of twin waterfalls and a petite river. Nestled behind these twin waterfalls lies a concealed cave housing a bountiful supply of metal deposits, including various metal types. It is imperative for players to exercise caution, especially when navigating the terrain atop the landslide, as it may be inhabited by potentially dangerous creatures.

Location 9: 80.8 And 21.3

The ninth metal resource spot can be discovered on the southern continent, situated amidst a vast lake at coordinates 80.8 and 21.3, a location commonly referred to as “the mines.” Players are required to diligently scout among the colossal stone formations to locate the entrance, which can be quite challenging. Upon discovering the small entrance at coordinates 82.8 and 21.2, they will embark on a journey through a cave that closely resembles a city sculpted from lava rock. Opting for the leftward path, players will stumble upon a cavern teeming with a variety of metal deposits. It is of utmost importance to exercise caution, as perilous creatures are known to inhabit the depths of this cave.

Location 10: 86.2 And 98.2

The ultimate and most crucial metal source is the “lunar cave” situated within Ark Fjordur. To reach this significant location, players should navigate towards coordinates 86.2 and 98.2. As they approach, they will spot small volcanoes lining the coastline and should proceed by moving south along the seashore. At coordinates 86.5 and 97.5, distinctive stone structures that resemble steps will come into view. Players ought to take a plunge into the water and follow the path adorned with massive, green-glistening rocks. Passing through the transparent gate, they will arrive at a diminutive island nestled within the cave, hosting the most concentrated and vital assortment of metal deposits in all of Ark Fjordur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are metal deposits easy to find in Ark Fjordur?

A: Finding metal deposits in Ark Fjordur can be challenging, but these ten locations provide abundant opportunities for players.

Q: Are dangerous creatures present in the metal locations?

A: Yes, players should be cautious of dangerous creatures while exploring the metal locations and collecting resources.

Q: Are there any additional resources available in these metal locations?

A: Yes, players may also find other resources such as crystals, oil rocks, and runestones in some of the metal locations.

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