Ark Fjordur Cave Locations

Ark Fjordur Cave Locations: An In-Depth Guide for Players

Ark Fjordur Cave Locations: An In-Depth Guide for Players

News: On June 12, 2022, the gaming community welcomed the arrival of Ark Fjordur, the latest map for the popular title ARK: Survival Evolved. This eagerly anticipated addition has ignited the curiosity of players, driving them to embark on journeys to uncover the hidden cave locations within the game. These caves offer more than just shelter, serving as potential bases for adventurers and treasure troves of valuable resources, including Rare drops and Artifacts. To aid intrepid explorers in their quests, we’ve meticulously gathered and provided an extensive catalog of all the cave sites, complete with their precise coordinates on the Fjordur map.

Well Cave

Coordinates: Latitude 7.4, Longitude 39.5

Despite its intriguing name, the Well Cave disappointingly lacks any exceptional loot or valuable artifacts. Instead, it is teeming with perilous creatures, making it a potentially ill-advised destination for exploration.

Skylord Ice Cave

Coordinates: Latitude 9.1, Longitude 24.6

Skylord Ice Cave stands as a significant underground expanse, a mandatory stop for players seeking to acquire the prized Artifact of the Skylord. However, venturing into this icy abyss demands thorough preparation, particularly in terms of thermal insulation, to brave the bone-chilling cold. Along the expedition, players will cross paths with a variety of aggressive creatures, including wolves, apes, and bears. Successfully dealing with or evading these threats is of utmost importance to secure the artifact unscathed.

Helms Deep

Coordinates: Latitude 31.4, Longitude 65.2

Helms Deep Cave emerges as the perfect haven for players in pursuit of an abundant supply of diverse resources and precious crystals.

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Aberration Cave

Coordinates: Latitude 56.9, Longitude 85.0

Diving into the depths of Aberration Cave comes highly recommended, for within its mysterious confines, players will discover an array of valuable items. Among its treasures, adventurers can encounter the boss terminal, as well as charging and crafting terminals, not to mention the presence of sought-after Red Gems and Blue Gems.

Lava Cave

Coordinates: Latitude 21.2, Longitude 57.4

The Lava Cave emerges as a renowned hotspot for players in search of both the esteemed Artifact of the Pack and the Artifact of the Clever. Furthermore, this cave has the potential to yield rare and coveted drops, adding to its allure for adventurers.

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Drenghemir Cave

Coordinates: Latitude 3.3, Longitude 32.6

Situated in the northwestern region of the Fjordur map, Drenghemir Cave serves as the dwelling place of the coveted Artifact of the Hunter. Adventurers should be prepared for an initial obstacle, a massive rock barricading the entrance, which must be eliminated to proceed. During the artifact retrieval mission, players may find themselves confronted by formidable adversaries in the form of bats and Purlovias.

Chitin Cave

Coordinates: Latitude 78.1, Longitude 29.0

Chitin Cave is a compact underground space, notable for the absence of any valuable Artifacts.

Moria Metal Cave

Coordinates: Latitude 86.5, Longitude 3.7

Moria Metal Cave offers a bountiful supply of metal and standard crystals. However, it’s worth noting that this cave does not hold any colored gems.

Large Bridge Cave

Coordinates: Latitude 9.9, Longitude 62.6

The Large Bridge Cave provides players with generous room for establishing their base and boasts the presence of multiple bridges, adding to its potential as an ideal building location.

Waterfall Cave

Coordinates: Latitude 61.9, Longitude 80.4

Waterfall Cave boasts the uniqueness of having two entrances and can be a truly captivating location for intrepid explorers to uncover.

Glow Cave

Coordinates: Latitude 0.5, Longitude 88.5

Glow Cave distinguishes itself with its lush green surroundings, a picturesque waterfall, and a network of small tunnels, making it a captivating and distinctive locale.

Fjordur map is a non-canonical, official, and free expansion map for ARK. Along with numerous other features, it includes over twenty-five challenging caves. We have provided you with the locations of some of the popular Fjordur caves that you may want to explore. We hope that these cave locations prove beneficial in your journey throughout the map.


1. Are there any unique artifacts or loot in Well Cave?
No, Well Cave does not offer any unique loot or artifacts.

2. What do I need to survive the freezing temperatures in Skylord Ice Cave?
To survive the freezing temperatures in Skylord Ice Cave, you need to be well-equipped with thermal insulation.

3. What resources can I find in Aberration Cave?
In Aberration Cave, you can find charging and crafting terminals, Red Gems, and Blue Gems.

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