Ark Fjordur: Basilisk Karkinos Velonasaur Mjolnir

Ark Fjordur: Unveiling the Mysteries of Basilisk, Karkinos, Velonasaur, and Mjolnir

Ark Fjordur: Unveiling the Mysteries of Basilisk, Karkinos, Velonasaur, and Mjolnir

News: The renowned survival game Ark Fjordur has unveiled a series of thrilling updates, featuring the inclusion of extraordinary creatures and brand-new realms. Gamers worldwide can now embark on encounters with captivating beings such as the Basilisk, Karkinos, Velonasaur, and Mjolnir. To effectively tame these creatures and harness their unique abilities, it is imperative to gain a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities. This article aims to furnish you with in-depth insights into these captivating creatures that have truly captivated the gaming community within Ark Fjordur.

Encountering Basilisk in Ark Fjordur

In Ark Fjordur, the Basilisk is a serpentine entity celebrated for its capacity to burrow into the earth, maintaining concealment until an adversary draws near. It employs this unique technique for both defensive purposes and when on the hunt for prey. This extraordinary creature exclusively resides within the aberration expansion of Ark Fjordur: Survival Evolved. The Basilisk’s most distinguishing physical characteristic is its tripartite tail, a feature that renders it instantly identifiable. When it detects the presence of a potential adversary or prey in close proximity, it can swiftly emerge from its subterranean hideaway, startling its target with its striking and dynamic appearance.

Finding Basilisk in Ark Fjordur

In Ark Fjordur, if you’re on the hunt for a Basilisk, your best bet is to venture into the Balheimr region, specifically at coordinates latitude 79.6 and longitude 81.8, as per the latest map updates. To reach this precise spot, you’ll need to make your way to the bottom right corner of the map. However, it’s important to note that Basilisk sightings in this area are infrequent, so you may need to make several attempts before you’re fortunate enough to spot one. Moreover, exercise caution, as other creatures may be wandering in the vicinity, and ensuring your safety is paramount.

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Discovering Karkinos in Ark Fjordur

Karkinos, the giant underground crab creature, is a recent addition to the creature list in Ark Fjordur. One of the significant advantages of having Karkinos on your side is its fierce nature, which makes it a formidable ally in battles. This creature has the ability to snatch other creatures and bring them to a taming pen. Another valuable feature of Karkinos is its abundant supply of organic polymer. It can efficiently wield and utilize all its claws individually, increasing your chances of trapping prey in a shorter amount of time.

Locating Karkinos in Ark Fjordur

Karkinos can be found either in underwater locations or in Vanaheim. To find Karkinos in the underwater areas, visit the coordinates 76.6-64.8 on the updated map of Ark Fjordur. This location offers a good chance of encountering Karkinos. Alternatively, you can head to Vanaheim and explore the coordinates 16,68.3, where Karkinos are abundant and easier to tame.

Encountering Velonasaur in Ark Fjordur

Velonasaur in Ark Fjordur is known for its impressive size and fierce nature. This creature can be easily identified by the frills that resemble cacti or fins around its head. Velonasaur can be found in dark-colored environments where hues of orange, red, black, grey, brown, or yellow dominate. Although rare, Velonasaur can also appear in hues of blue, turquoise, and green. These creatures can only be found in the extinction expansion of Ark Fjordur: Survival Evolved, and taming them can be quite challenging.

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Finding Velonasaur in Ark Fjordur

To locate Velonasaur in Ark Fjordur, access the coordinates 73.9,81.9 on the new map. These coordinates will take you to the Balheimr region, which is known for its volcanic landscape, where Velonasaur can usually be found. It is important to be cautious of Velonasaur’s quills, as they can pose a threat if they spot you first. Take cover behind trees or large stones to protect yourself from their attacks.

Unveiling Mjolnir in Ark Fjordur

Mjolnir in Ark Fjordur refers to the skin for the Tek Sword, which is the ultimate reward for completing the “Three Boss” battles with the game’s mini-bosses. To acquire Mjolnir in Ark Fjordur, you must reach at least level 190 in the game. This powerful weapon comes with extraordinary abilities such as the ability to unleash lightning on multiple opponents simultaneously, inflicting maximum damage. Additionally, you can use Mjolnir to intimidate your enemies even before a combat situation arises. It is undoubtedly the most superior reward that Ark Fjordur has to offer.

Unlocking Mjolnir in Ark Fjordur

Unlocking Mjolnir in Ark Fjordur entails a formidable journey. First, you must confront and defeat the alpha Fenrir in a fierce battle. This demands taking on all three mini-bosses: Beyla, Haiti and Skoll, and Steinjorn. The ability to summon any of these mini-bosses necessitates a minimum of 30 runestones. After successfully vanquishing all the mini-bosses, you’ll be ready to face the alpha Fenrir. Be well-prepared for this challenging encounter, as conquering the alpha Fenrir will bestow upon you the coveted Mjolnir hammer. With this powerful weapon at your disposal, you’ll have the capacity to unleash a cascade of thunderous lightning upon your adversaries.

Using the Mjolnir Command in Ark Fjordur

For those who seek a more expedited route, the Ark Fjordur Mjolnir command is “Gfi mjolnir 100.” By inputting this command into the admin bar, you can promptly acquire the Mjolnir hammer without the need for combat against the alpha or the collection of all runestones. It’s crucial to ensure precise entry of the command into the admin text bar to promptly unlock the Mjolnir skin.

Ark Fjordur: Survival Evolved delivers an enthralling gaming adventure, complete with an array of formidable creatures dispersed across its diverse realms and territories. As you prepare for your adventures, it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with the creatures you intend to confront. After collecting all the runestones and confronting the alpha challenge, your diligence is rewarded with the formidable Mjolnir hammer. Alternatively, you have the option to expedite the process by utilizing the admin command to instantly acquire the Mjolnir skin. So, equip yourself, delve into the captivating realm of Ark Fjordur, and unleash the extraordinary power of these remarkable creatures.


Q: Can Basilisk fly?

A: No, Basilisk in Ark Fjordur is a ground-dwelling creature known for its ability to dig into the ground.

Q: Where can I find Karkinos in Ark Fjordur?

A: Karkinos can be found in underwater locations or in the region of Vanaheim in Ark Fjordur.

Q: How can I unlock Mjolnir in Ark Fjordur?

A: To unlock Mjolnir, you must defeat the alpha Fenrir and complete the “Three Boss” battles in the game.

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